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March 12
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JULY 30, 2009 8:51AM

"Earthers" Claim President Obama is an Extraterrestrial

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


 Move over Birthers. There’s a new conspiracy involving President Barack Obama and this one is otherworldly. We’re well aware that Mr. Obama has been dogged by rumors that he was not born in Hawaii, but in Mombasa, Kenya. Attempts to quash the rumor by putting a copy of his birth certificate online have not stopped Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, who consider it to be a forgery.

However, a new group of theorists now claim President Obama wasn’t just born outside of America, but outside of Earth’s orbit. The “Earthers,” as they are known, claim to have proof that Mr. Obama is an alien from outer space who was sent here to destroy the country and the planet.

This blog entry is a work of SATIRE and should not be taken seriously. Of course, neither should the Birthers.  

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Ah, but what you aren't seeing is that, in the Birthers / Republican world view, two wrongs DO make a right...
But we MUST take this threat seriously. I saw this and hoped that the truth was finally getting out. Birthers are just silly. This is obvious once one knows the TRUTH!!! The original Barack Obama was terminated in Pakistan and replaced with the Reticulan hybrid created using genetic material from Barney Hill, who was abducted in 1961. Get all the facts from Out-Of-This-World-Net-Daily!!