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Christopher di Spirito
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March 12
Avid blogger, proud gay man, unapologetically liberal, happily married to Jim, my spouse of 16 years. I am a native Californian, temporarily living in New York.

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 12:24PM

U.S. States Ranked by Penis Size

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you’re thinking about relocating and your concerns don’t include such plebeian items as climate, job growth, affordable housing and low taxes, but something more rarefied — like penis size, then survey is for you!

According to data collected by MANHUNT profiles, men in Washington DC have the largest pleasure tools at an average of 7.59 inches! Men in Alaska have the smallest widgets, coming in at 6.34 inches. Alaska’s poor showing could help explain Levi Johnston’s reluctance to pose full-frontal for Playgirl.


Following Washington DC, men in New York and California round out the top states with the largest penises, coming in with 7.50 and 7.45 inches. Just ahead of Alaska, the smallest penises are found in Delaware and Wyoming with 6.94 and 6.92 inches respectively.

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The size of Congressional penises might make an interesting study since they're all dickheads.

Someone on my blog said Washington DC is a city full of big dicks!
At least Massachusetts wasn't dead last.
You also have politicians in D.C. like Barney Frank who are big dicks themselves.
I think some of these profiles may include "AOL inches," if you know what I mean! LOL!
Washington DC is the world's largest concentration of spin doctors...think their ranking is a coincidence? I think not...
Washington, DC huh? Too many jokes not enough time.
Not to brag, but the husband of a lady I was making love to caught me in the act. She was in Ohio, I was in Kentucky.

Is there some way we can help those tiny blue penised men in Alaska? I can spare a few inches.
Is Obama living there the cause of this amazing Washington figure? 7.50 is that 191 cm or did I forgot a dot in converting?
Of course, there's no mention of Puerto Rico and Guam. Hmmm?
I assume these figures are self reported, which makes the winner self evident.
Two things: I should believe Washington politicians about ANYTHING? and So???? Ain't got NOTH'IN to do with me, dude! :D
My son told me I need an Australian.... I notice there was no mention of them.
Ahem! Where did you get your statistics? As an ex-military woman, I have had my choice of tasty, young men- yes straight men- because gaymeisters, while my friends, say EWWWWW! not with a woman!
I think your results are absurd! Even ask my gay boyfriends!
I will say this, I don't care if a man has an 4-16 inch penis, (I'd rather have a nice, caring, good ,friendly man. But for the gays to say the largest penisi's are in D.C, Cali and N.Y, well, I guess that's where you're getting your fucking, Thanks for the information.
No man gets near me in those states without a condom.
No problem with being celibate, but All you cuties are probably gay anyway, according to my gayster friends.
1. Why post this?
2. Why did it get on "most viewed?
3. Why did I bother to read and respond?
4. Why are men obessed with their size?
crystalsapphire opines: " Where did you get your statistics? I think your results are absurd!"

Do you know how to read, dear? If you had bothered to read my piece, you would've had the answer to your question.

Talk about absurd.
Those poor guys in Alaska - blue and short ... that's what cold will do for you.
This is propaganda at it's finest...
Unfortunately it's doomed to failure since the average liberal fool will not understand the implication being made. If you've ever been to Washington, D.C., or have a basic knowledge of demographics, you'd clue in. Thankfully leftists aren't that smart.

Keep failing pinko.
Haven't you ever heard of shrinkage due to temperature? Just need a good woman to increase the temperature and alaskans can do just fine, thank you. Or if you prefer maybe alaskans have a penchant for truth rather than spin....I'm here, but I think the former is a better explanation.

As an aside, what the hell is Manhunt anyway?????
These contests (who's is bigger) occur daily at the office. I come to Open Salon to escape.
I don't know about dick size, but the people in Washington have huge balls for coming up with some of the things they bring to us.
There is nothing I can add that neilpaul did not say first or better. You're from Boston, right Neilpaul?
I think men always overestimate the size of the pleasure stick. If you have 6 inches, it becomes 7. If you have 7 inches, it becomes 8 and so forth.
No surprise. Everyone knows the biggest pricks are in Washington, DC.

I'm not looking for large members...but if I move to a leading state do I grow?