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March 12
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FEBRUARY 22, 2010 9:16AM

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin into Anal Sex and Fisting?

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Who let the dogs out at CNN? I know much has changed at the once mighty cable news network but, to read their highly respected legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin enjoys getting his freak on from anal sex and fisting? Dude, even this intrepid blogger is shocked.

The Gawker has the details:

Jeffrey Toobin’s history includes fathering a lovechild with CBS anchor Jeff Greenfield’s 36 year-old daughter but there’s more. Among other revelations, he reportedly hung around a swingers club a little too long while working on a story, enjoyed watching, was shy about participating, for one.

But here’s the kicker. Jeffrey Toobin is allegedly into anal sex and fisting, and had a bit of what could be deemed an “anal fixation” though nobody reported any allegations of “rimming” or “salad tossing.”

So folks, the next time you tune to CNN and see the Toobs explaining some complicated and erudite legal issue, just know the dude is allegedly into some dirty craziness. After all, This is CNN!

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If this is true (and considering the source, I highly doubt it is) then my respect and admiration for Mr Toobin has just shot up immensely

(but Im not going to say WHERE it shot up...hehehe)
Rated, for the sheer salaciousness.