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Christine Annette
La Habra, California, USA
January 06
Nala's Mommy
I live a quiet, peaceful life, and that's the way I want it to be. I have a precious cat who appeared at my doorstep in the middle of the night crying when she was a tiny kitten, and I kept her, naming her Nala. My life's dream is to retire in a little log cabin, way out in the forest, far away from all humans. Just me and my kitties, bunnies, birdies and my own garden and sewing machine and computer. The only place I'd go would be to the library or to the creek nearby to catch frogs.


SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 5:16PM

Poor People ARe Nicer Than The Rich

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As I was driving at work today, I had a realization. It's that, even though all of us workers at my place of employment are poor, everyone is so nice. I arrived at work in a pretty bad mood, fighting traffic all the way there. And as I walked to the back lot, one of the other employees who drives around in the brown van, said hello. It was just so nice. It doesn't sound like any big deal to write about. But it was how he smiled and looked at me to make sure heard him. And all of the men call me by my name (except the married dog). And Clarence said he's getting money to fix his motor home. I told him "good then you can take me to the beach." He smiled and said "sounds like a plan." I should've given him my phone number. It's not that we're a team, they're just nice people. I thought that it's so much better to go to that stress free job, with nice poor people. And not to an office where there are mean, stressed out, egotistical, adults all trying to get promoted and buy bigger houses, and drive flashier cars. And abuse the people who aren't as fortunate as they are, or who don't have degrees. I'd forgotten what nice people there are working there, after not being there for a week.

I'm thinking that maybe it's the reason that I take these low-paying jobs and don't even try for the others. It's that I hate working with assholes and people who have money so much on their minds. It's just easier to be around the normal, poor and nice people. Like myself.

I just arrived home to my bubby and Nala. She's such a crier. I know Buddy wants to come out of his cage. And I put on my air conditioner too. That's all for now. Maybe I'll have more cognitions later on today.


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While the butternut picker ignore me:`
I did a child game that adults can Play:`
A Mennonite taught me the fun Game:`
Ya pick up a book. Open to any dang page. Pint to a paragraph:`Read and expound as if Ya are a orator.
Bluff. Pretend Ya a wise Human who has a message.
For Example:`Praise! The Earth, the sky, and all that dwells upon the land firmament is beautiful! Heaven in the air have winged birds who are aloft and make shrill sounds. And, the calming and soothing harmonious melodies.
People do that on a bus.
A person with a broken heart speaks directly to you/me if we are open and receptive, Yea!
To understand is 'infinite'
The wicked get caste aside!
Ya no needs to play a harp!
Old men, maidens, mother,
Old Wisdoms call, O quiets!
O. Greed takes the life saps!
See clouds Tree Entertains!
I am saying:`Hear the poor!
O well`Be joyful and do care.
Ya can enjoy autumn squash!
I used to be poor. I'm certainly not 'rich' now, but I'm pretty damn comfortable. Trust me, I'm even nicer now. It's often easier to remember what the truly important things in life are when you are struggling to pay for the basic necessities . But when you are no longer worried about how you're going to pay rent next week,or how you're going to buy enough food to feed the kids when you only have $8 and payday's three days away;when you are no longer silently praying throughout EVERY SINGLE CAR TRIP "please God, don't let the car break down today"-it is so much easier to relax.

I had a very hard time noticing all of the good around me when I was poor and constantly worried .

Money's a GOOD thing to strive for-the more you have, the more you can give to others. Please don't limit yourself by 'not even trying' to find a higher paying job. Trust me, you won't become an asshole- the grass on the 'rich' side of the fence is exactly the same. It has no magical nutritional powers that'll turn you into a jerk.
I know exactly what you're talking about. There's far more a sense of community. And there's a reason why the Good Book says the last will be first.
Thanks to everyone who commented. I haven't seen anyone commenting in so long. Nevertheless, I always like to see them.

It's just something I've been noticing since I lived through a few months of homelessness and pulled myself up by my bootstraps, that the people who helped me weren't necessarily wealthy. Except the philanthropic people who donated to the shelter. I guess a better blog post would've been "not all people who are wealthy give to non-profit."