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Christine Annette
La Habra, California, USA
January 06
Nala's Mommy
I live a quiet, peaceful life, and that's the way I want it to be. I have a precious cat who appeared at my doorstep in the middle of the night crying when she was a tiny kitten, and I kept her, naming her Nala. My life's dream is to retire in a little log cabin, way out in the forest, far away from all humans. Just me and my kitties, bunnies, birdies and my own garden and sewing machine and computer. The only place I'd go would be to the library or to the creek nearby to catch frogs.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 10:34AM

Lots To Do Today

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Psalms 23, 4: Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


Today I'm meeting at a rental assistance meeting, since my checking account is so low now. I'm hoping and praying that I'll get most of my rent paid there by them. I've gathered all of my rental agreement paperwork and all of my other papers. I'm having some slight anxiety about this, I've never done this before. But comparing to everything else I've been through, all by myself, this should not be too stressful.

I still have a slight headache. I slept a little last night, not enough of a full night of sleep. I could feel better if I had all of this over with.

I got a big payment from my client just now in Paypal, thank you Josh. And I have a day's work of data entry from Arman Carpets to do today also. So that should be more money. I'm getting paid from the auction too, next week. And also another EDD check coming, hopefully Saturday.

The weather has cooled off, that's a relief.

What else? Nala demands my attention constantly, she's a spoiled kitty. Right now she's eating. And I let Buddy out last night, onto the couch. He lets me scratch him and pet him. And then he jumps off the couch and goes back into his cage. His fur is so soft, and so pretty. It's cute the way that he lies down on the couch with me. he just plops right down and stretches his front legs out and his back legs behind him while he's on his tummy.

I'm having my oatmeal and tea now, and then later a bagel. I bought wheat bagels.

4:49 p.m.: Wow, What a stressful day! I'm so relieved it's almost over. I got my rental assistance and it was much easier at the agency than the hard time I had over here, trying to get the fucking manager here to help me. They paid $650 of my rent, and I pay the rest.

I am so seriously mad at the manager here. She wouldn't fax the tax form that Vanessa at S.O.S. needed. I felt like my world was ending and like I was like 3 days from becoming homeless, when Wendy in the office told me what Delmy the manager said. Just no, that she could not do that, no reason, no help, no telling me what my next step may be. Just that she said she could not do it. She would not fax a form. I literally got on my knees in my bedroom and said a prayer, to help me. And then I decided to call over to the Property management company who is their upper management in Irvine. So I called information and got their number. I had to idea what kind of attitude that I'd get from then, considering the laziness of the manager here. But the women who I spoke with was named Ana, She was great. She asked me to fax it over to her and she'd take care of it. So I again called the bitches in the office here and they got on it. But why did the lazy asses not do anything until I had to call their managers? And then I called the office again in Irvine and told her that they were faxing it over. After another nail biting hour, I got a call back from the management company and the woman Ana said....that any time that I feel that I am not getting the proper help or service from the people here, to call her. And she gave me her email address too. So I told her how I felt about that had just happened here today, with the lazy attitudes of Delmy and the crap that I had to go through. She was concerned. She also said that they need to be trained maybe better about the procedures. After everything that I said to her today, she asked me to send it all to her in an email, and I did. She said that it's going to get passed to the upper management. What pisses me off is that she knew where to fax it! But wouldn't. She wouldn't do it until I went over her head and she was forced to send the fax. Bitch! pinkie3

The worst part is that I still have a headache, it hasn't gone away. This sucks. Maybe I'll take off work tomorrow and just work here at home, as I have plenty to do. I'm so strapped for money now that I still can't pay my cell phone bill. And I also need to pay my car insurance still.

I hope that I can get a good night of sleep tonight and I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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