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Christine Annette
La Habra, California, USA
January 06
Nala's Mommy
I live a quiet, peaceful life, and that's the way I want it to be. I have a precious cat who appeared at my doorstep in the middle of the night crying when she was a tiny kitten, and I kept her, naming her Nala. My life's dream is to retire in a little log cabin, way out in the forest, far away from all humans. Just me and my kitties, bunnies, birdies and my own garden and sewing machine and computer. The only place I'd go would be to the library or to the creek nearby to catch frogs.


MAY 15, 2011 12:20PM


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Yesterday while I was taking a bath, I thought of something good to blog about. But then today I forgot what that was. I come up with some interesting ideas when I am in the bubble bath, yes.

It's raining out this morning.

My job seems to be getting busier. But the word around the office is that we will be finished with this project on June 3rd. Is that what scuttlebutt means? More scuttlebutt is that we may be getting a 3-year project. But it hasn't been finalized yet. And if we do get that, it won't be with the County. It'll be another company in Orange County. I asked Armen if we will be working past the end of May. He said he won't know until the end of this month, May. And then I asked him if he has any brothers or cousins who are single. He didn't say anything, I guess that's a "no". But he blushed. Armen is our Production Manager, he's from Armenia.

Yes those mid Eastern men are hard working, money makers. I went to see my Egyptian mechanic yesterday. My car needs brakes and a smog. And the brake light was on in my dashboard, along with no brake lights. So he fixed everything. But I will need to go back in a few weeks for the other stuff. While I waited for my turn in his new lobby waiting area, which is totally remodeled, I took pictures of him and videoed him with my cell camera phone. He figured out that I was taking pics of him too. I was trying to be sly.

I bought a new digital camera, but it stopped working. I should have gotten one off ebay or Craigs List. I'd really like to be able to post pics on my blogs. I think that the reason I don't write in this blog much now, is that my keyboard and everything is literally on the floor, it's hard to sit cross-legged for hours at at time.

My kitty Nala is walking around me while I sit on my floor and write. I love her a whole lot. She is a talker. She meows a lot. She's been getting onto the bed with me lately too, and cuddling. I'm surprised by how she's taken to living in an apartment and being an "inside cat". Considering that she was living in a forest not too long ago.

My apartment is pretty much furniture-less. Except for my air mattress, which I love. I wish I'd discovered air mattresses a long time ago. I've been buying a few clothes and things here-and-there at Goodwill. I can find cute dresses there every once in a while. And I'd really like to get my sewing machine back, at least one of them.

And I've been grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.

Yesterday was the Bethany fashion show. More scuttlebutt is that it was awful this year. The food was terrible, it was cold and windy. They seem to get worse every year. I didn't go, and was glad to stay away from there. I feel like a lab rat when I attend those functions. I'm curious to hear the gossip though. A friend of mine did attend, and she texted me while she was there. I hope I hear from her today.

I want to say more, so I will. The thinking that the staff at Bethany have, is that they are some sort of superior shelter. When they just aren't. In short, there isn't anything to be bragging about, when it comes to shelters of any kind. All one has to do is to have a conversation with their "case manager", and it becomes clear. It's really just all about egos. Bethany isn't about helping women. Bethany is all about the egos of the staff, and the appearance of it. I was reading their "mission statement" on their blog. It says their mission is to "guide, "challenge" and empower women. And they quoted statistics too. But they made generalizations, saying "the County of Orange says", and then some numbers that are supposed to be statistics on the numbers of people without a place to live, in Orange County. And it also says something about "the reason Bethany exists", and more lies. The reason that Bethany exists, is to justify the existence of the nuns, and to give them a reason for being there.

Two weeks ago I emailed them about the content of their blog. I disagreed with their thinking that we need to be "challenged". Considering everything that we've been through. And I said that there was nothing challenging about Bethany. A friend of mine said the only challenging part about being there, was dealing with the cuckoos who they allow to live there.

As I write this, I sit in my warm and cozy apartment, which I pay rent to live in. And thankful that I pulled it together as quick as I did, after moving back here from the high Sierras. My mother is who helped me, mostly my mother. And that's how it should be.

I don't believe that people should have to go look for help from people everywhere, and outside of their families. I think that families should help each other and stick together. What I wouldn't give for a real family, with at least one sibling who I am completely related to. I have no fully related siblings. I have a half sister and brother. And step siblings. It must feel good to have family, real family who are there for one another, all of the time.

My brother is coming to visit next month. He's driving out here with his motor-home to sell it. Who is my brother? He's the only sibling I have really. We have the same biological mother, but not the same father. Even though we were raised by the same parents. He is blood related to my father, while I'm not.

I sleep in on weekends, and take long hot baths too. I get up at 5 a.m. on weekdays, that's why. Last week I found Alice Hoffman's latest novel, The Red Garden . It was a 7-day loan. So I had just seven days to read it. I couldn't really enjoy it in the length of time that I had to read it. I'll have to go and get it again, and read it slowly. She's my favorite author. I wait for her books to come out every year. This one was good, as all of them are.

The city library is really close by too. On the way there yesterday I passed a yard sale. I spotted some beach chairs. So later I went back and bought two. I wanted them because the women at work carry them in the trunks of their cars, and take them out and set up in the shade of the parking lot at work during lunch. I bought one for $5 and a larger one for $10 at the yard sale. The larger one seats two, and it's green. I imagined using it at the beach this summer. Now all I need is an umbrella to stick into the sand. The way that we used to do when I was a small child, at Seal Beach.

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Is your camera new enough that it's still under warranty?

I hope the 3 year project comes through and isn't delayed!
A friend at work put new batteries in it, all it needed. Now I just need to figure out why the software isn't downloading from the dvd it came with.
Yes, I also am hoping that the other assignment happens. We are all waiting to hear.