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Christine Annette
La Habra, California, USA
January 06
Nala's Mommy
I live a quiet, peaceful life, and that's the way I want it to be. I have a precious cat who appeared at my doorstep in the middle of the night crying when she was a tiny kitten, and I kept her, naming her Nala. My life's dream is to retire in a little log cabin, way out in the forest, far away from all humans. Just me and my kitties, bunnies, birdies and my own garden and sewing machine and computer. The only place I'd go would be to the library or to the creek nearby to catch frogs.


NOVEMBER 4, 2012 1:28PM

Work And Stuff

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I slept in today. At about 9 I got up, because my kid (kitty) was bored. She gets bored when I'm not up and about. As I type this I'm lying on a fluffy rug on the floor of my apartment with the keyboard  sort of in my lap, and my head on 3 pillows. This is so comfortable. Why didn't I discover this position before? Nala my cat is strolling in and out the door, running back in when a person will walk by. Then she runs back inside.

So here's the list of chores I still have not done for this weekend; laundry, wash car, dishes, return books to library, vacuum. Not much, but for someone who dislikes chores, it's a lot. And since yesterday was my "do nothing or do whatever day", today is the chore day.

Yesterday I tried posting on this blog but it wouldn't let me. Either that or my computer was being stubborn. I cannot wait until I get my laptop Wi-fi card so that I can try writing on it.
I also enroll in school this month again. I hope that the class I need is on a Friday night, so that I can finish my AA. I don't look forward to school any more like I used to. It's just so hard to make that transition from work to the classroom. I no longer have the patience for school, teachers, other students (the younger ones just out of high school).
Yesterday I went thrift store shopping. First to Savers. I found a black sundress, a mixer for my smoothies, a cute girl's jewelry box with a fairy unicorn and castle on it, with pink velvet inside and a little ballerina that pops up inside. I used to have one when I was a child. Then to Goodwill. I bought a calculator, a long purple knit large size dress, and the deal of the day; a pair of brown suede wallaby Roxie shoes. I love it!
I've gotten through 3 panel interviews for the County library clerk job that I really want to be hired for. The HR sent me email with the information about which libraries are available to work in, and saying I should reply. So I replied. And I called too. But she hasn't gotten back to me. so while I wait for that, I got 2 more tests scheduled. Well, really just one for now. It's for at ET for Social Services. And that's where I work now. But the other opening for a clerk at the airport. But the job that I really want is the library clerk. We'll see if I get that. I've been running around to a few different libraries to get the study guide for the ET testing. So far it's checked out. There are a lot of people taking that test.
At work, we just got word from the County that they're  signing on  for yet another year with our company. So that means we'll be work through 2014. And my supe says we'll be getting 5 more people. During this awful economy I'm not compalining. I'm seriously just happier than most to have a job. I'm thinking that as soon as I hear I have been hired to the library, I'm going shopping for more chic clothes. Instead of my casual hippie clothes, I need some wrap-around type dresses and pumps.
At work we're having an ugly sweater contest for Christmas. And we're also planning a Christmas dinner out for the group. A few co-workers are going away for a few weeks around the holiday. So I actually looking for an ugly sweater yesterday, but what is "ugly"?
I thought that the summer was over but it isn't. It's cooler at night, but still warm enough to use my air at home and in my car.

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I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it, Christine. I hope you've been hired for the library clerk job by now!

The problemposting isn't on your end. Open Salon has been getting worse and worse for months. These days it takes a lot of patience and many tries to get anywhere.

Most of us have moved over to a site lorianne created for us - Our Salon. Please check it out sometime! or

I'm glad things are going well for you. Have a happy Christmas!!

- Mark