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Ron Mattocks
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April 17
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Author, comic nerd, history junkie, social media professional. I have 1 wife. I have 5 kids. We have issues. Therefore, I write.

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The Middle Class Father in the 1900s  

 After reading author, Roman Krznaric’s essay on the history of the men as fathers, I decided to do a little research on my own; being a self-professed history nerd, I didn’t require much arm-twisting to do so either. Unlike Krznaric’s broader worldwid

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child factory labor


Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich thinks poor kids are lazy and child labor laws are dumb. This controversial opinion is, of course, bereft of facts, but that’s Newt Gingrich’s schtick–provocation through outlandish remarks. His claim here is based i/… Read full post »

Editorial note: This is how I stir up crap right before Blog World in a few weeks.

Remember Don Quixote, the middle-aged country gentlemen who lost touch with reality and charged off to fight what he thought were giants, but what were really windmills? (Do schools even teach this anymore?)…

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Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 7, 2011 7:30AM

Occupy Wall Street & Reaction to The Gilded Age

Saint Bradley-MartinIn February of 1897, rich New York socialites, Bradley and Cornilia Martin, hosted an over-the-top costume ball at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. What's the significance behind this? For starters, the United States had been suffering through a major economic depression that had begun/…

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“So here’s what you missed on Glee: Quinn thinks about quitting Glee Club after winning McKinley High’s “Parent of the Year†award. Rachel sings every Barbara Streisand song from the movie Yentl protest of the President’s policy on Israel. Artie accidentally joins the notorious El Salvado/…

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 12:23PM

Let's Play: Recess Is More Than Play

I love my kids, but I’m glad they’re back in school. Sure, we had fun at the pool, the nearby museums, and at antique stores (they’ve got a thing for that show American Pickers), yet there were also many moments when they drove me insane. It didn’t help that the Texas/…

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 9:00AM

Adventures In Going Gluten-Free

I never suspected that 39 would be the age when I had to consider that I may actually be mortal.

Not that I'm a Greek god, but at six-foot one, 190 pounds (give or take), my body's always been naturally fit -- until recently anyway. Over the course of the past 10/…

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 7:40AM

You Just Got "Rich Rolled"

You just got "Rich Rolled" ...Richard Marx that is.
-by Jerry Thompson

News of Kane's Death spread quickly via social networksHOPE, Florida—The country’s leading dad blogger, Charles F. Kane, creator of the site, Citizen Dad, died yesterday at his trailer home twenty-five northwest of Miami, Florida. The official cause of death is unknown pending a/…

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 12:04PM


I did not write this post; my wife Ashley did at the five year anniversary for 9/11. That would've been a year before we had met. When we finally did in 2007, Ashley gave the URL to her blog, and I spent an entire weekend pouring over her every entry, which/…

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What Kid Artwork Hangs from Clark Kent's Icebox?So my wife walks into the office the other day and holds up these two sheets of paper. I squint a bit, and lean forward in my chair. What the... All I can make out is the color of the markers that were used,/…

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AUGUST 31, 2011 7:30AM

LA Beneficial

LA. They call it the “City of Angels.†I was there to find out if there were any. A troublemaking newshawk hunting and pecking his way along the dad blog beat. A newshawk in need of a story. Stories are funny. Stories can come out of nowhere and pop you in/…

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AUGUST 26, 2011 7:30AM

Girlz Rulz: Wisdom to Live By

During the times when my sons are with me here in Texas there is a reoccurring cycle of adjustment that takes place between them and my stepdaughters. It starts off with a getting reacquainted sort of honeymoon period. This lasts until anywhere from halfway during our car ride home after picking…

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Late last spring, Allie and Avery caught a toad, something I had no knowledge of until getting a text from my wife, Ashley. "Can you take a pic of the girls' toad & send to me?" The randomness of such a request, naturally warranted further clarification, which came via a series/…

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AUGUST 4, 2011 12:58PM

Summer's Over

Summer's over. Yes, the temperature outside is 100+ degrees; the kids are not yet back in school; and the leaves, unless they're wilted, are nowhere near to changing color. The end of summer is a matter of perspective. For me, the conclusion comes as I watch my sons drive away with/…

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Should psychologists ever use my children to reassess Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, their findings would conclude that cable television should be added alongside air, food and sleep as essential human needs. In fact, it may actually outrank food and sleep, given the children’s eagerness to forgo b/…

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JULY 8, 2011 11:04AM


One of my favorite writing opportunities I'm lucky to be a part of is for the Let's Play community. Let's Play is a partnership between Dr Pepper/Snapple and KaBOOM, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting kids to play (and not video games either). This is a short post about siblings at… Read full post »

When it was announced that Warner Brothers would be making a Green Lantern movie, it was pretty much a given that I would be at one of the first showings. When it was announced that Ryan Reynolds had been tapped to play the lead role of Hal Jordan, it was also/…

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