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March 27
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APRIL 3, 2010 1:47PM

An Easter Letter to the Unfaithful

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 When I checked in at my club yesterday and wished the young man at the desk a Happy Easter he responded,” Yah?  That’s the most ridiculous holiday of the year.” If I hadn’t been running late for my tennis match I might have taken the time to enlighten this product of today’s self-absorbed society. I would have tried to explain the complexities of love and faith to this hardened young man, but I doubt he would have listened or understood.  

Early America was founded and built by a mixed bag of immigrants who had one common denominator-they were Christians. The Declaration of Independence was written by Christian men and has been called the most perfect governing document ever devised. Christmas and Easter holidays were incorporated from the Old Country not to promote merchant sales and boost the economy, but to preserve tradition and honor God and His son. 

The America of today is a far cry from the America of even fifty years ago. Christmas and Easter are commercial holidays that are simply tolerated by many who are of other faiths. There are those who are offended at the religious connotations of the holidays and who are still trying to take the “Christ” out of Christmas (Happy Holidays!) and who have morphed Easter Break into Spring Break and Easter bunnies.  

But, there are far more faithful than the media would lead you to believe. What is faith? Faith is the sister of Love. We love, have faith, in our children, our parents our spouses. We love them (have faith in them) regardless of their flaws. We love them through their lies, errors, mistakes. Through sickness, poverty and despair. You see? We have faith they will overcome their faults and failures. That they will prove our love for them isn’t unfounded or wasted. 

Faith is the resurrection. Faith is what Easter is all about. It’s the most holy of holies. It’s about Love. It’s about the love of a God who so loved the world that he allowed his beloved son, Jesus, to be crucified. Jesus is love. Jesus brought faith and hope to a sick and weary world. He willingly died for our sins because he was filled with love for humanity. God raised Jesus from the tomb because He had faith this miracle, this sacrifice of all sacrifices, would forever leave an impression in our hearts and upon our souls. 

So, young man of the cynical smirk and callous attitude, whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, someone died a horrible death for you two thousand years ago. Someone else resurrected a transfigured Christ to leave a door of faith open for you—a door to eternal life. Someone must love you very much indeed.

Do I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ? You bet I do. Through faith-all things are possible. 

With love to all in Him and best wishes for peace and happiness this Easter,


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I think you need to do some historical research.
Christine the girl with Christ in her name, thank you for this post.You know we are in cynical territory, but that's ok we can handle it. As a fellow believer, I pray blessings to you and your family this Easter season!

I dropped back by to thank you for your brief "resurrection" of my dead post.

Happy Easter to you and yours, as well.
Anne, your devotion, dedication and your Psalms and art are a daily comfort. They are as lovely as you are.
Rick, lol on the resurrection of your dead post. You have a sense of humor, I see!
"Early America was founded and built by a mixed bag of immigrants who had one common denominator-they were Christians."

Ummm...Not exactly...The European settlers who came to this country were "christian" (and I doubt you and they could come up with a comparative definition of christianity for that matter), but the people who built this country, the slave workers and indiginous people were not Christian. They were in fact, Pagan, and it was Europeans who brought Christianity with them to "The New World", and destroyed tens of thousands of years of indiginous Pagan culture and religious practices, as well as dismantling the belief systems of the african slaves brought with the Europeans, who, at best, were managers and overseers, not true physical laborers.

A sense of humor; yes I have one and I thoroughly enjoy being able to engage it once in a while with someone who is able to appreciate it.

Thanks again ...
Dear Placebostudman,
It takes a lot of of courage to be as upfront as you are in your OS profile and I appreciate your comments on my post. My nephew was 33 and the father of two when a loader fell on his back--breaking him in two backwards like a taco. He is paralyzed from the waist down. He has severe carpal tunnel syndrome (if you can imagine that being dependent on a wheelchair) in both wrists and also a major bowel dysfunction (which I know you understand the ramifications of ). Since he is a married man (not gay), he's dealing with abandonment issues with his wife who is also determined to take his children from him.. along with any money he may get due to certain negligence which caused his catastrophic injury in the first place. While I don't agree with a lot of what you said in your comment, I commend you for your stoic bravery and acceptance of the circumstances life has dealt to you. I wish you peace, harmony and happiness not just for Easter but for the rest of the year and the rest of your life.

Thank you for your kind comment.

Have a Wonderful and Happy Easter.

Yes, it is hard to see past we Christians and our ugliness, our obnoxious piety and condemnations, our not living our talk, the impossibility of our being loved, much less liked, forgiven – or worth dying for. Yet Easter is when wecan all raise our eyes to gaze at perfect love, exhibited to be given on to one another. We peer into the empty tomb afraid to dare hope in life eternal in a real heaven. One can argue much to do with Jesus’ life, death and resurrection – it’s an open Book - but one cannot argue an encounter with love. Oh how we need more and greater love in such a time as this. Amazing Grace … that saved a wretch like me.
Dearest Irmad2,
I have my moments of doubt and despair. I have anger issues going back to a crossing on a sailboat from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego circa 1979? I was on watch 12 midnight to 4 pm. with a recently "born again" fellow. He was more about Satan and the power of Satan than about God! He had me so freaked out one night I kept expecting sea demons to crawl up the transom of the boat and suck us into the sea. (Yes, long stressful hours on watch at sea are what sea serpents are made I finally said to him, "Enough! Talk to me about GOD not SATAN!!!!" He had been converted to Christianity through fear. Then there were the Bakers. Tammy and Jimmy. The minute I saw his overly-cherubic face and her fake eyelashes and cosmetically disguised countenance I said, "ain't no way!" And the hysteria of their "church." And, wasn't it J Swaggerty who pleaded for x-amount of millions to complete HIS temple within a year or he would die? In my heart.. in my head I thought "Hmmm... he so loves God and Jesus..shouldn't he DESIRE ABOVE ALL ELSE to go be with his heavenly father in heaven?" Millions of mislead souls gave and gave. "Oh ye scribes, ye hypocrites!" The Word of God, the history and truth that is in the Bible is far greater and will outlast the hysterical self-serving words of false prophets and money-grubbing charlatans.