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APRIL 7, 2010 1:39PM

Is China Trying to Slowly Poison Us to Death?

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Today's headline about people smuggling "tainted" honey from China into the US reminded me of my second ever post on OS last November (which I reposted at the bottom of this report)

"In 2001 and 2002, Chinese bee colonies were hit by a tsunami of disease that quickly destroyed much of the country's honey production.  The Chinese beekeepers turned to an animal antibiotic produced in India -- chloramphenicol -- to treat the illnesses ravaging their beehives. The antibiotic soon began showing up in honey shipped to the U.S. and Canada.

The Food and Drug Administration bans all animal medication from food products sold in this country and has issued alerts three times about the antibiotics found in Chinese honey. The last came in 2007, when Florida food detectives found two other antibiotics -- iprofloxacin and Enrofloxacin -- in honey and blended honey syrup from China. "


 November 2009

Recycled Chinese Chicken: Politics or Poison?

All hail, China. Obama has lifted the 2004 ban on importing chicken from China :  Despite the fact that just last year tens of thousands of chickens had to be exterminated because of the same avian flu that caused the 2004 ban in the first place.  Damn near at the same time  over 300,000 Chinese children died from melamine-tainted powdered milk. Melamine was also found in chicken feed...ergo, in the chickens as well. It's by the grace of God, neither of my two dogs died in 2007 from the  melamine poison that was found in "Made in China" dog food.

According to an article on WalletPop,"only processed chicken products, not the whole chicken, would be imported." Now, there's a comforting thought. Which parts? Legs? Thighs? Breasts? Does dissecting a chicken somehow rid it of any infectious bacteria or poisonous by products?  I refuse to buy my canines anything that is manufactured in China. The Chinese government barely batted an eye when over half a million  children died. Now our government  is opening a door you just know most of the fast food chains are going to hustle through.

Poultry doesn't have to be labeled. Americans are most likely going to  end up eating Chinese chicken products whether they like it or not.  Speaking of which, did you know that most apple juice  sold in America is made from a powdered concentrate of inedible apples grown in China? That's so McDonald's for you (apple juice, toys, and soon McChinaChicken?). I'm so glad my son has outgrown the McD's syndrome.

China filed a World Trade Org complaint that we were "singling them out" when we banned just one of the streams of poisonous products they were inundating our market with.  God forbid anyone gets "globally incorrect" and protests any of this. Just shut the flock up and eat your chicken.

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As far as I am concerned they are doing more to us than tainted honey. Their use of banned chemicals, plastics and toxic items in their exports, the cheap manufacture of normally long lasting items is going to be the bane of our existence if not our extinction. So much as been replaced with a made in China sticker, that is why our economy is suffering so much. Take a gas grill for instance, made in the US in the early '80's lasted several years. Made in China, lasts less than a year in most cases...true story. Rated.
you forgot to mention
a) lead in the toy paint
b) corrupted drywall
oh and then theres rampant cyber-hacking too apparently...
and Ive been reading stories that they're counterfeiting gold/silver coins....
Well, we might want to look at American investments in that country, not to mention Chinese investment in America, before completely condemning them without shouldering some of the responsibility ourselves.

In the second quarter of 2008, U.S.-based venture capitalists invested $583 million into 47 deals in China, nearly doubling investment from the first quarter when $296 million went into 34 deals. Investments into India by U.S. venture capitalists also jumped, rising 27 percent to $473 million going into 40 deals, compared to the $373.3 million going into 40 deals in the first quarter.

Foreign Direct Investment in China (PDF)

“Be Nice to the Countries That Lend You Money”

I think the days of simplistic nationalistic perspectives have gone the way of The Corporation. It's interesting that our own American suppliers of chicken are not especially reliable.

I think you make some good points, and they point out some of the strangeness of the world today.

Totally spot on, Rick. You have a good grasp of the financial/politically corporate aspect of the situation. Would be interesting to trace the beginnings of how we became so dependent when we live in a land of so much plenty! I succumb to blond numb when it comes to the big picture--I can balance my check book (well, most of the time) and calculate a 20% tip. It's a good thing to have a mind like yours!
Sounds to me like they are trying to "quickly" poison us to death. . .