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Christine Geery

Christine Geery
February 17
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JANUARY 10, 2012 11:44AM

The Bright Ray of Political Hope

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I did not write this article. It was written by Nikki Alexander who resides in California and writes for OpEd News. Nikki has expressed the desire to spread the word about Rocky Anderson and is working tirelessly with a group of Californians to achieve this goal. Nikki asked me to post this here  and I said I would do so with great pride. I believe you will see why after reading it.


Justice for the 99%: A new political party for the rest of us

Nikki Alexander /January 2012

A new political party that serves the public interest is now in the process of qualifying for ballot access in time for the 2012 election ~ the Justice Party. One of their candidates for the Presidential nomination is none other than Rocky Anderson, the beloved ex-mayor of Salt Lake City whose pristine record of fighting for human rights, social ethics and political accountability leaves no doubt about his sincerity when he declares that the Justice Party will serve the public interest.

The public interest has completely disappeared not only from Supreme Court rulings, White House policies, Congressional and State legislation but from national political discourse, as if there is no longer any such thing as the public interest. As the Constitution and social programs are being systematically dismantled, everything that belongs to the public is being sold to private individuals and corporations ~ education, health care, postal service, national parks, infrastructure, even military functions, intelligence and surveillance.

Today 400 people in the US own more than the combined assets of 150 million Americans. A tiny percentage of extremely wealthy individuals control the government, media and every critical institution to perpetuate their own self- interest to the detriment of society. This antisocial minority has secured for itself ridiculously low taxes and taxpayer-financed subsidies and bailouts by controlling politicians with bribes (campaign contributions) and an army of lobbyists. With a few notable exceptions, lawmakers suffer from a pathological ETHICS deficit far more serious than the budget deficit. In fact, the two deficits are directly related to each other. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy, multi-trillion dollar wars of aggression and Wall Street bailouts created the budget deficit.

What is most insidious about this exaggerated concentration of wealth, (facilitated by Congress), is that this wealth is used to deprive the vast majority of Americans of their Constitutional right to political representation. Only the ultra-wealthy have had representation ~ until now.

Preliminary discussions about the Justice Party platform included such luminaries as Rocky Anderson, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Nancy Marcus Newman, Linda Yahr, Jerry Peloquin, Cletus Zeitz, and Paul Zeitz. They agreed on 8 core principles:

1. Tax the rich and corporations;

2. End the wars; bring the troops home; cut military spending;

3. Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and improved

Medicare for all;

4. End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests;

5. Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation;

6. Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise


7. Get money out of politics;

8. Improved health access and quality for all.

The Justice Party platform is still evolving and YOU can shape the agenda by joining the discussion at: http://americanidea.justicepartyusa.net. One thing is certain: this Party is not selling out to corporate interests. Campaign donations are limited to $100 per election cycle.

On economic and fiscal policy: Rocky Anderson supports increased tax on investment income; immediately ending the Bush tax cuts; cutting defense spending significantly; offering tax incentives to firms who hire US workers and disincentives to those that don’t; splitting up too big to fail banks; and he opposes hiring ex-financial executives as advisors to the president on economic policy.

What a glorious difference Rocky Anderson would make in the White House in contrast to the current array of antisocial contenders including the Wall Street lackey masquerading as a Democrat. As Glen Greenwald so succinctly put it:

“Obama has embraced the vast bulk of George Bush's terrorism policies; waged a war against government whistleblowers as part of a campaign of obsessive secrecy; led efforts to overturn a global ban on cluster bombs; extinguished the lives not only of accused terrorists but of huge numbers of innocent civilians with cluster bombs and drones in Muslim countries; engineered a covert war against Iran; tried to extend the Iraq war; ignored Congress and the Constitution to prosecute an unauthorized war in Libya; adopted the defining Bush/Cheney policy of indefinite detention without trial for accused terrorists; and even claimed and exercised the power to assassinate US citizens far from any battlefield and without due process.”

Anderson has been a leading and unflinching opponent of the wars of the Bush-Obama Presidency and came to national attention with his passionate calls for the impeachment of Bush for war crimes. As the founder of High Road for Human Rights, it is inconceivable that Anderson would ever condone unlawful rendition, CIA black sites, torture, indefinite detention without trial for ANYONE, let alone US citizens. Unlike Obama, he WOULD have vetoed the human rights violations in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

So it looks like police raids didn’t get rid of the Occupy Movement after all. An idea whose time has come cannot be annihilated with pepper spray, mass arrests and police tactics. Ideas are invincible. The compelling aspiration for ethical government BY, FOR and OF the People is sweeping the world ~ not as an idealistic luxury but as a profoundly critical necessity. That aspiration has found expression in a new American political party that serves the PUBLIC interest – with an ETHICAL candidate for President. The consciousness of Occupy Wall Street has found a permanent home.

Picture a mass exodus out of the corporate party paradigm and a stampede into the Justice Party ~ in time to completely change the outcome of the 2012 election (and every election thereafter). Impossible? No one anticipated the Occupy Wall Street movement that went global within one month. There is no political force greater than our solidarity.

Our time has come.



Qualifying for ballot access is contingent on voters changing their registration to the Justice Party in sufficient numbers by specific state deadlines. California’s deadline is January so spreading the word quickly is very important. To join the Justice Party simply change your voter registration and specify Justice Party in the “other” category. If you want to have an ethical choice in the next election do it today! Please note that by registering with The Justice Party does not obligate you to vote for Rocky or a Justice Party candidate.


Justice Party: justicepartyusa.org

Justice (internet) radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justicepartyusa


Links ~ Rocky Anderson

Campaign website: https://www.voterocky.org/home

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YourFriendRocky

Biography: https://www.voterocky.org/node/1; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Anderson


Videos ~ Rocky Anderson

Rocky Anderson for President 2012 (5:25) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUOoYzNh1yQ&feature=email

Democracy Now (12-13-11)



Audio ~ Rocky Anderson (Justice Radio): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justicepartyusa/2011/12/30/guest-appearance-by-rocky-anderson




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I've read of this, and while it's too late for this presidential election, the two-party system is a dinosaur and if people get behind this, or any other party they feel is better, we can effect the mid-elections and in four years have our own president in our own party representing Americans for a change.
Kevin told me all about this and it is a great idea. In Canada we have many parties. These two parties now are for the birds.
HUGGGGGGGG to you and Daniel
Scanner: It's nice to have prophets weigh in and tell us what can, will, and can't happen. A lot of people really liked The Rapture idea (I had a nice bottle of wine ready to go, realizing I'd be first in line, for example). A lot of people said slavery in America would never end (I do realize there is still some). Women would never vote. Jimmy Carter would never make it to presidency, nor would a Black Man. People would never fly. Computers would never be practical. I myself have made many prophecies, which fortunately for the planet, have been erroneous (like if Reagan was elected, we'd have nuclear war).

So my response is to make a distinction between "normal prophecies" and self-fulfilling ones, as is the case here. If everyone says the Justice Party will never make it, it won't; if everyone says it will make it--and then gets on board to fulfill the prophecy--it will. Much like 2 + 2 = 4.

I also note that one is a "negative self-fulfilling prophecy," while the other is a positive self-fulling prophecy. It occurs to me at age 64 that we have a country roughly divided between Americans and American'ts. Also, that each person has to make up their own mind as to which they are. I consider myself a citizen of Planet Earth, but also an American.
Thanks for this, Christine. I'll check out the links later this evening.
R♥ for caring and sharing.
Were it that easy. I too think the 2 party system has been corrupted by a power struggle...Like two male rams in rutting season. I will read more this evening. Thanks Christine.
I read your earlier piece on Rocky, Christine. He sounds like a decent and competent man, which, unfortunately, means he hasn't got the chance of a snowball on Newt's barbecue grill of getting anywhere in national politics. If somehow he manages to make it to the ballot, however, I promise you I'll vote for him.
Thanks Christine, looking forward to learning more, as Rocky sounds like just what this country needs!
Matt made me chuckle...I have a cynical view of politics as well but movements do have traction.
The question that always occurs to me when I hear about these “third parties” is:

What in the name of everything reasonable makes anyone think that the politicians drawn to these third parties will not succumb to the same temptations that cause such visceral reactions for the major party politicians?

Lord Acton reminds us that power tends to corrupt…AND IT DOES. Humans tend to be corrupted by power…witness the local crossing guard down the street who stops traffic unnecessarily just because he/she can.

Do you folk honestly think the politicians of the third parties will be immune to this corruption? So you think corruptible politicians will leave the party alone and not corrupt it? Do you think the moneymen will not move in to corrupt third party candidates if they see them becoming viable for election?

Third parties are not the answer to the problem you are dealing with, folks. The are little more than wishful thinking.
Matt: If Rocky somehow makes it to the ballot, which is already happening, it will because of people like you lending a helping hand, rather than sitting on them. Not meant as a personal attack, merely a statement of fact.

Frank: Yes, we have all heard that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. One of a million sayings, like most, with a million exceptions. Here’s another one that I tend to agree with: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I recommend checking www.thinkrocky.com (Rocky’s Wiki bio), if you happen to believe this one too.

To American'ts in general: Whatever good there may be left around here (and I submit there is considerable) was built by Americans.

I like to count myself among the former and find doing so far more personally rewarding. Aim for the stars and you just might hit the moon, as you may have also heard before.

Check my bio on opednews.com if you want more insight into why I think this way.
Of course, I got my "former" and "latter" mixed up, but I trust any reader gets the main idea.
Daniel, thank you for your response to my comment.

You wrote: Frank: Yes, we have all heard that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. One of a million sayings, like most, with a million exceptions. Here’s another one that I tend to agree with: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I recommend checking www.thinkrocky.com (Rocky’s Wiki bio), if you happen to believe this one too.

Okay, but I did not address corrupting Rocky. I was talking about the “third party.” Rocky may be absolutely and totally incorruptible.

But surely you are not talking about a party of one. There will be many…and the outside influences that inevitably come will be legion.

And if you truly figure that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, I suggest we consider the past behavior of all political parties and use that to predict the future behavior of this third party you are endorsing.

I’ll let you do that on your own, Daniel…but I suspect you will not like what you uncover about the past behavior of political parties…no matter how conceived. I think you will find that if you use that information to predict the future behavior of this new third party…it will not be a pretty picture.

Third parties are not the answer to the problems America faces in its political chaos…they are merely wishful thinking.

The question that usually pops up at this point is: So what do you think we should do?

Unfortunately, my opinion is that the “solution” will involve upheaval on a scale to cause angst in the most jaded of us. The best model I can offer is an old, dilapidated house with massive structural damage from termites and careless neglect…and how best to handle that. I worked in construction at one time. Sometimes the best advice to a homeowner of such a place is: Tear it down and build something new on the empty lot.
I will certainly check out the links. Thanks for the information.

Theoretically I am all for multiple parties a la Canada. I would have to think long and hard about rolling the dice and ending up with a Repub in office this go-round though. And a 3rd party on the left with any traction would almost certainly do that at this point....
Frank, et. al.: Thanks for the comments and obviously well-considered thoughts. Here's about the best I can offer presently, the first just landed in my inbox:

Thing One:
We’re expanding our effort to create a long list of speaking engagement possibilities and need your help. If you have a few minutes next time you sit at your computer, please search for places, events and groups that could be contacted and evaluated as speaking engagements opportunities for Rocky Anderson. This can include conventions, special interest groups, church organizations, colleges and more. We are focusing on California, but any opportunities within your own community or discovered online are welcomed.

When emailing us opportunities, please try to include contact information including name, phone, email and any support info on the group like website that can be used with the actually calling out. Please don't make any calls yourself. That is being organized through the Executive Committee. Email us with potential contacts and let's make together a long list of opportunities. speakerjustice@gmail.com..

Thing Two:
I agree with Scanner, the two party system is outdated and insufficient to represent the wide variety of US citizens. There's also the matter of concentrated power -- both parties are very much attached to big business money; they can't get their candidates elected without it.
These eight core principles form the greatest foundation of a most civilized and prosperous American society. Thank you, Christine, for bringing this to us. R
Great platform, great ideas....not a chance in the world of winning.
Sorry, that's reality, sad as it may be. He has no name recognition beyond Utah, needs billions to compete nationally, and he's coming into the race after the starting gun has long been fired. Too bad...
Your a bright ray of good hope and i think your ideas are great.
I appreciate the links and you're right; there's no political force greater than solidarity.
In FRed(tm) and my not so honourable opinions it is unfair to blame the rich for the UK State's/Governments ineptitude at collecting the taxes owed. One is hardly going to insist they ask, wot wot.

Take Vodaphone for example - no please take them,reception is crap here----->
They owe about 6 million sterling (multiply by 1.5 for USD) and they get away with it.

End the wars definitely and some of the other stuff too.
Get The Money Out Of Politics

Two Days of Action and Education

Move To Amend - Occupies The Courts - Friday

People Ignited Against Citizens United - Saturday

January 20 & 21 in Downtown Seattle
A broad coalition that includes Occupy Seattle, Move to Amend, People for Free Speech and other organizations is initiating two days of action to kickoff a public awareness campaign focused on amending the Constitution in order to limit the power of corporations to impact elections.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the Citizen's United vs. FEC ruling, which crippled our government's ability to regulate American campaign spending by huge, multinational corporations. The decision was based upon the assumption that corporations count as people with all the rights of a natural person, including free speech. It was also based on a previous ruling affirming that monetary expenditures are a form of free speech. Since there is no mention of corporations in our Constitution, and by no means are they granted the full rights of an individual, it is apparent that a corrupt, political court has taken it upon themselves to shape our legal and election system according to special interests.

This legal allowance of unlimited campaign spending by human-made legal fictions doled out by corporate lobbyist's behind closed doors, with a single-focused legal responsibility to generate profits, poses a critical threat to free and fair elections in the United States. The great wealth of corporations lets them misuse the political system and overpower human beings in the struggle to be heard. This immoral granting of natural rights to unnatural entities is leading to the decline of democracy, communities, the economy, and the natural world.

It is imperative that the American people are made aware of this threat to our democratic system. Furthermore, it is critical that our Constitution is amended to include language that makes it undeniably clear that corporations are not people, and that they do not posses the same rights as natural persons. This would clear the pathway for our Congress to regulate campaign spending.

Join us on Friday, January 20, for a rally at the Federal Courthouse (700 Stewart Street.) as Move To Amend - Occupies the Courts! Bring signs and banners between 10- 4 to show your solidarity with your fellow humans, grassroots organizations and local governments countrywide, entertainment and speakers from 11 to 2.

(At the US Supreme Court and 100 Federal Courts so far! 700 Stewart Street Seattle.)

The action continues from 12-4 on Saturday, January 21 with a rally, entitled: People Ignited Against Citizens United. We’ll have informative speeches, music, and interpretive activities at

Westlake Park (4th & Pine).
At 2pm, we will march from Westlake to Seattle City Hall and continue on to the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building (915 Second Avenue, between Marion & Madison).
Legalize Democracy!



I'm going to read some of the links when I have an empty sponge. When it comes to poilitics, my poor sponge fills up real fast, and that's with Canadian poilitics. I will try to educate myself.
Frank - a two party system would be nice. I guess you haven't noticed, we currently have a 1 party system.
As I see it, we should at least have three choices for president, the good, the bad and the ugly. Right now we only have the bad and the ugly....
I am in favor of everything put forth in this post. I agree that Obama has dropped ball in many areas, but he is still better than ANY of the Republican alternatives. My concern about a third party is that it can have the reverse effect of its intended purpose, i.e. put the Bush crowd back in power. Remember how Ralph Nader cost the election for Al Gore and think where we might be now if we didn't have to suffer through the Bush years. The Tea Party got it right in that they did not, to my knowledge, form a third party but pushed their agenda and candidates through the Republican party. The Justice Party may wish to consider the same thing.
I'm totally with Scanner on this one. Great post, my thanks to the both of you.