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Colony of Losers
Halifax, Canada
December 31
Colony of Losers
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Michael Gray Kimber is a 26 year old writer from Halifax, Nova Scotia born slightly after the ides of March. Since the age of six when he realized his career in professional modeling was going nowhere he has wanted to be a writer. At the age of 10 years old he wrote his first book “A Game’s Master Games”. It was a derivative of Mortal Kombat and if published would have resulted in a rather lengthy lawsuit which would most likely have ruined his middle class family. Much has changed since then. His brother became a rapper known as Josh Martinez. His father Stephen Kimber began known for punching idiots in the face with his oh so powerful words. Graduated from King’s College with a degree in English as well as a degree in Journalism he finds himself on the hunt for actual employment. Launching his blog Colony of Losers he hopes to get attention for his finished novel For Four, encourage magazines to give him freelance work and find an employer who will make all his dreams come true. During this struggle to become an adult he came to grips with an anxiety disorder that would see him lose the ability to sleep and go to war with himself. He went looking for a cure, trying every solution suggested by the internet, from self help groups to medication, to hot yoga where beautiful women farted in his face to meditation sessions with madmen. Nothing was too ridiculous in the hopes that he could make it all stop. The Cure is his story, as friends and family made him realize that their wasn't a cure, there was simply learning how to live with it. 1 in 5 deal with mental illness. The system is not equipped to deal with them. The stigma of mental illness is keeping us from recognizing the crisis that is facing his generation. The ridiculous and offensive honesty of this story is meant to give a human face to what we would all prefer to look away from. Read his series in its entirety at While this begins with his story it will soon move onto his talented friends, inspiring strangers and absolute nutjobs he meets along the way. To get in contact with Michael please email him at PS my avatar is made by the amazingly talented Peter Diamonds who is the chief illustrator in the series.


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DECEMBER 11, 2010 4:30PM

Fear and Loathing at the G20

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Alex Hundert was arrested June 26h, 2010. By June 27th, over 900 Canadians had been arrested with him.  He has been in and out of jail ever since.  As part of his bail conditions he has been denied the right to speak at demonstrations and even discuss politics. He is a Canadian citizen yet he is being denied his right to free speech.  Colony of Losers tends to stay away from politics and stick to the eccentricities of Michael Kimber and his friends.  Unfortunately due to what free speech means to asshole writers like Michael Kimber, we are unfortunately going to have to jump into the game of fear, loathing and politics.  Tomorrow a series called “Surrounded” will begin. As the G20 leaders sit down to talk in Seoul, Canadians are left wondering why a billion dollars was spent and why are trust in our government has been put in such doubt. “Surrounded” will take us back to that last week in June, 2010 when police arrested nearly a thousand Canadian citizens, detained them and denied them their most basic civil liberties.

I don’t know Alex but I do know his brother Jonah Hundert.

And soon you will too.

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