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Con Chapman

Con Chapman
Boston, Massachusetts, US of A
September 28
. . . is the author of over fifty books--some with paper!--available on and elsewhere.


JANUARY 31, 2013 12:48PM

Quitting Smack

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heroin, satire, comedy, spoof, humor

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I know what you mean!
"By the time they get their long white coats and stethoscopes they have sampled just about every item in the Physician’s Desk Reference. It’s almost saintly, when you think about it: these guys won’t expose a patient to a controlled substance they haven’t tried first."

But ohhh that slippery slope gets steep in their fifties...
Recently an emergency room doc came out of our local hospital and drove across the lawn high on drugs she'd prescribed to herself. I was thinking, physician, heal thyself.
My college years are feeling a little boring right now.
Because you got an A in Genetics?