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August 15
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MARCH 26, 2010 2:40PM

Dance Anywhere ! !

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Dance Anywhere....




 I don't have time to write much or get all art-y.  Just leave your computers, stand up at your desk, in your kitchen, go outside and


 Okay, a friend from work, Margo, and I ran out the door, walked a block to the Asian Art Museum on Larkin Street in San Francisco to see someone dance!



 First, some drummers were setting up.  There was a fife-ist tootling away, running trills.  There were clusters of school children, different age groups, kind of hanging around.  Most people didn't know what was going to happen, but they knew Something was going to happen.


 Then black-clad young people came out, spread out on the promenade, one perched up above on either side.


 It was fun. 

It felt good. 

The sun was on my face, the sky blue. 

We were all together. 

It felt good.


                                                               Just Dance





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do it now


you only have 17 minutes....!
I'm going to stay inside, but I'm dancing!

doing so standing in the middle of my bed
Dancing is always good. When I was young I sometimes (shame on me) laughed at old people dancing. Now I am the old person I deserve to get laughed at! !(I'll dance anyway!)
As you well know Connie, I'm a fan of dance and personally believe in the many benefits of said. So off I go!
What a great idea! Love to dance anywhere! Now if I can just get the gall dang knee brace off long enough to get down with it before my knee screams bloody murder!
Okay, here I go. Hope I don't hurt something.
Am I too late?

(BTW, I wrote a blog today about dancing too!)
I'll do a waltz with my orthopedist.
There's such a thing as chair-dancing you know! I do it all the time.

Seriously, we're between rains today, and it's a Good Thing.
I find working on my glutes works best in my chair.
I dance all the time, like a crazy person. I do so miss San Francisco!

One of the best things about having eight years of bellydance under my (shiny, jingly) belt is that whenever I'm stuck in traffic, I can pull up some drum solos on the ipod and practice isolations and arms!
At the gym --- dance on the elliptical machine. Doubles the fun and the cal burn. Makes people think you're crackers! So, that makes it triple the fun!

I love to and so I think I will.... it's Friday, woo hoo :)

Oh, you acted like you didn't have time to create anything artsy.... this was great!
Very cool! The really strange thing is that right before clicking on this post, I was pogoing across the living to "Add It Up" by the Violent Femmes. Thankfully the blinds were drawn, or the neighbors might have witnessed my....moves, such as they are:P
And now the Stooges are on; sorry, but I've got get back to....DANCING!!!!!
In the words of Fred Astaire (the liar), "I won't dance, you can't make me"

And in the words of Jimmy Durante, "I refuse to wear a beret!"

I will read you posts, however.
Yes! I turned on and danced in the office! FUN!
One of the widest dance events I ever enjoyed with my (she was four) Granddaughter was at the Winter Solstice Celebration. It was two-years ago. The college Women who were a little tipsy ... wine - were dancing with the old fashion hula-hoop. This year was a big snow.
But, next year I hope to see then dance around a bright bonfire. Sparks were flying, and pretty dizzy and dancers were amazing. Sometimes they fell. I went out later and bought a small hula-hoop for Annabella. Soon, She will be puffing a cigar on the wrong end?
I hope not.
What a year.
It's annual rural gathering. I have to look at a wild-web from two married dancers. Chris's beautiful wife danced ballet, and he prunes grapes now.
Bad economy.

One is from Dijon, France.
He serves good mustards.
He and his wife struggles.
We all do in various ways

I talk too much www? web? // Thanks.

You make me want a cigar.
On rare occasion - puff fun.
Ya are like Al Capone's friend?
I remember Ya read Shakespeare.
I played Ya last You-Tube on and on
Fantastic. I love going from the country to the larger cities. What beautiful spirits roam about. R
OK.......I am dancing right now.......good advice and great photos !
Dancing naked is even better.
That looks like quite the experience of letting go. We should all get out and just dance--or at least watch someone else do so:)
I'm pretty hungover right now, so might pass on the dance...but promise, I will later.

I'm with you - dancing can be such a transformative experience. It seems to clear all your troubles away. You're back in your body.
Nice suggestion! You know -- it's fun just to kick out some tunes and dance around the house, too. And such good exercise. I forget that often! Dance Dance Dance!
I'm always late to the party. But I don't care. I'm dancing anyway!