Why Do We Do What We Do?
SEPTEMBER 6, 2010 11:33AM

Solve for Why: Multiple Orgasms, Open Call

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In keeping with the unofficial Legs Akimbo and Body Fluids Everywhere Labor Day theme, I have a question for OS readers. I have asked this question of several theologians over the years and their answers always drift to some variation of “the Lord works in mysterious ways.”


The evolutionary reason for a woman’s ability to have multiple orgasms is pretty obvious to me. However, why would the same God, Yaweh, Allah that purposely made childbirth painful, give females the ability to have orgasms all day long if she so chooses.


This God of Abraham is too complex a deity for me to understand so I’m hoping for someone from the Jewish, Christian or Muslim community to come forth and enlighten me.

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I'm not at liberty to discuss the details, but it has to do with the Great Lesbian Conspiracy.

P.S. God IS a woman, ya know!
Childbirth has to be difficult to make women appreciate their children and not have them too often. The capacity for multiple orgasms is to give women pleasure in sex beyond the urge to procreate, and, in spite of or in the absence of men. Or to help them cardiovascularly. Or. . .
Amy: I need to find the local chapter of the Great Lesbian Conspiracy. I'd love to sit in on a meeting or two.
Yes! Yes! Yes! (What was the question?!)
@ Conrad C: No problem, dude. Of course, you'll need to be neutered first. Let me know and I'll make the arraignments.
No, I did NOT know that! That's fascinating. Forgive me if I envision a Monty Python skit with the Rabbi husband in his robes at bedside. His lovely wife is naked:

Get the robes off, dear

No, it's already been five times this week.

No it hasn't. Once in the pantry, once on the dinner table, twice in here on Wednesday.

No, no, Wednesday we had dinner at the Greenburgs! . . . . etc.

go ahead and finish, you're having much more fun than I am.

"...pleasure in sex beyond the urge to procreate,..."

Men can do that too, just not nearly as often. An urge to have sex often ensures the survival of the species.
Hehehe. I don't know "why" but I'll NEVER complain. Hey, has anyone here ever had them "ripple into each other", like one after another but you couldn't quite tell them apart?
"Ripple into each other"

Now you're bragging. OK, fine . Let's hear some good stories.
LadyMiko wrote: Hey, has anyone here ever had them "ripple into each other", like one after another but you couldn't quite tell them apart?

You mean everyone DOESN'T???? Seriously? Naaaah! Really???

Hmmm... must be that orientation thing again!
Amy: I tried it once but the blisters hurt so, so bad.
Amy: I have, many times, I just wondered if it was a common thing? LOL
well, i am not from any of those communities you mention,
but i am nonetheless expert in all matters theological...
1. if u go gnostic, u can say the demiuge made pain in pregnancy but the true God made the female multiorgasmic...

2.maybe the early christians were right: dont get pregnant!!!

i personally think the woman, when she went from
estrus cycle to constant receptivity,
brought the males of the species
back into the fold, ready for "family"....
the woman and the man would both need good
damn reasons to continue to cohabitate closely,
and pleasure was it...

the God who evolved us isnt perfect ; he
does this and that
trying to grow a suitable crown of creation
and he fucks up sometimes...

hope one of his fuckups wasnt choosing
primates to evolve, instead of, say,
It's to make up for the pain in childbirth! Seriously, orgasms and childbirth aren't why not? Not to mention that a woman doesn't have to experience orgasm to enjoy love making or sex!
If NoPleasureSex = ChildbirthPain, the race would have died out millions of years ago. The Pleasure Principle is present throughout the animal kingdom, as every animal breeder knows. When sows are artificially impregnated, they are also manually stimulated to orgasm by the farm workers, because it increases the rate of impregnation.

The human female is the only animal which has an organ exclusively designed for pleasure. I believe this is designed to compensate for the huge heads that human babies have. It seems only fair.