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my world is not your world even if I address it to you and it comes to your hand in an envelope that is the glorious depth of dark velvet pansies enclosing an invitation in cursive blood on parchment of my own skin limed and scraped and rubbed carried in the pale beak of a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo that has learned to softly whistle Night and Day so as to serenade you while you read my burgundy words  -  please come skinny-dip with me in the liquid night sky - for all I know your world is a ragged groan over a blurry photo in a porn magazine but oh the  experience of this sweet life



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dear diary, qualia, dante

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This begs to be read again and again ....

Your writing is exquisite. Whew!
i keep going back to 'dark velvet pansies' and remembering these exquisite ones i had years ago out in the garden, in a spot no one, least of all me, would expect there to be pansies. one could lose oneself in this sentence, c&v, easily enough.
Love this. Love the lack of punctuation. Gorgeous word choices. Love that this is a love poem.

My world is not yours, no indeedy but the skinny dip and the liquid night sky OH MY!
Thank you for sharing this word, this philosophy it seems, the trail took me on quite a journey, love it.

And in awe.
I wonder if you can begin to know ... all the touchings ... that are here ...
At last I've stumbled back thank you all (sosomuch) for your visits and kind comments. I'm deeply gratified by your responses - particularly given the nature/content/meaning/??? of this diary entry.
This is so good. thanks for the pansies.


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