APRIL 25, 2012 1:21PM

possessing nothing

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There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.

-  John Cage


hammershoi interior sunshine on floor


I call dibs.  Who else wants

the blank page, the black hole.

Lost horizon?  I own it.

Mine the numinous emptiness

without icons

or furniture.

(Mine the dust motes

that dance on my breath

in the stale air.)

I zero in on nothing.




 Keats's Phrase


     Albert Goldbarth


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So *much* more than nothing.
Thank you so much c&v for turning me on to all these poems I have never read. I have only a basic Eng 102 or so education formally but try to read as much poetry as possible, loving this series.
Keat's Phrase was delightful As are your words, always.
expando-capacious overalls...I need to get me a pair...

love your style, c & v
Kathy ~ Me, too. It's said the artist was a very quiet man. A few years ago there was an exhibition of his work and they called it The Poetry of Silence. I love the mysterious stillness of his paintings.

hyblaean-Julie ~ Thanks. I really enjoyed "i love you" - the tonguing a thought imagery stayed with me.

Lea ~ Thank you *much*.

Rita ~ During poetry month I build little altars here. Knowing you're sharing the sacraments makes me happy. (Sometimes I just skip around in the word meadows of poetry sites. The Poetry Foundation site is particularly good for skipping in because of the way it's formatted.)

catch ~ Backatcha about style.
It's the ultimate anorexia if you can consume your own bones and remain viable. Or would you want to keep viability when living will always be beyond control? That's an honest question.
Bell ~ Unfortunately for the both of us, your question's honesty isn't likely to improve the qualities of my answer(s). Interesting, the link between negation and control (possession also implies control). Maybe nothing is the ultimate viability. Your question made me think of the ouroboros - and chaos. I would always wish for viability and generally view control as a convenient delusion.

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