JANUARY 2, 2013 3:39AM

some say ice

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Oh, Christ.  We're still here,  left

like anxious Adventists inspecting

the loose shingles of our leaky hope,

our mundanely regular, slow and steady extinction,

the revelatory glare of our impatient despair.


I thought it would be ice -

the brakes gave out on the slick road

not far from St. Charles -

but a Blanche DuBois hysteria settled me

into relying on the kindness of mechanics.


The bill reflected their Midas touch.


Going back,  I think we came close

to the godhead.  I think it was flowing there

in the Fox river,

or on the bridges crossing it.

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Kind of a Zsu Zsu Petals moment huh?

Glad to see some of OS's best still roaming the halls!
Happy New Year C&V.
How deeply ... as always ... your words ... speak to me ...
When ... words like these ... meet so few eyes ... here ...
what does that say ... of what is left ... here ...
for these words ... speak ... so much truth ...
that all ... I wish ... would find ... here ...
Hey, iconesis! I love that movie. I'm a creature of inconsistent habit....good to see you hanging around here, as well. Happy New Year - "full of things that have never been."

Thank you, anna1liese, for your kind comments. OS still has a few tumbleweeds, I guess. Warm wishes for your new year.

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