JANUARY 21, 2013 12:59PM

i don't want to

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merry little christmas
I haven't taken down the tree.  I don't want to.  It isn't laziness  - I'm just not ready to say goodbye to the glow in the night and the piney scent when I enter the door.  Before it's a heap of dry needles I might be ready.  Just maybe.

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You just cracked me up!!

Your tree still looks lovely, green and fresh. Leave it up. Although I might have concerns about bonding and attachment, and much grief and loss when it becomes a skeletal thing that you cannot bring yourself to take to the curb. Maybe you can freeze it for the summer and set it back up next year.
Well, at least someone's amused by my unwillingness (and concerned for my mental health.) I've taken some flak for the still-extant Tannenbaum - but really, I don't care. It *is* still fresh(ish) and lovely - though it's days are surely numbered, probably in the single digits...

I understand your reluctance. Does the tree still have its roots by any chance? If so, you might still be able to replant it.
don't you just love greenheron's comment?
my dear consonantsandvowels, you can just say that you are 1/8th Puerto Rican. Our Christmas season finished yesterday. Truly yesterday.

I took down the outside garlands a few days ago because my husband asked if I meant to decorate it with hearts.
still have mine up too. same reason. we are allowed.
DoaHSS ~ No, the tree lacks roots. It will make excellent mulch or groundcover someday.

vanessa ~ Yes! Then I could shamelessly knock back coquitos while admiring my tree... My sister's birthday is on Saturday and mentioning my tree she made sure to remind me that Christmas was about Jesus' birth, not hers.

daisyjane ~ Yes, we are allowed. Ridiculed, but allowed.
Leave it up. I leave mine up till whenever I am tired of it... waving HI!
Halooo, Rita - (waving back) - good to see you.
your tree makes me smile
Marc! Looooooong time no see. Happy you smiled.
I don't blame you for feeling this way at all.
Mine just came down yesterday....and only because I brushed past closely and all the needles rained down....but I took a photo inventory of all the ornaments first.
Extra tough this year to say the season is over.
Make it last! : )
ps -- I really like all the bees !
Well, Just Thinking, it was hard to say the season is over, but today the tree came down. I'll miss the glow. I like those little bees, too.

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