DECEMBER 29, 2008 11:04PM

25 things from Corey

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1. I get bored with talking about myself. And I'm lazy. You're only getting 12 things, and you'll like it! (Or maybe I just have low self-esteem and don't think I'm that interesting? Or maybe y'all are just too into yourselves, lol?)

2. During my tenure as an Electrical Engineering major, students in liberal arts classes paid me to write papers for classes that I wasn't even in. The liberal arts kids got better grades in their classes than the grades I earned in engineering. That's one reason I left EE after 2 1/2 years.

3. Working in a major downtown hotel had its moments. I learned which local celebrities and Red Sox players were coke heads and I got to witness the drinking habits of many B and C-list celebreties and pro athletes. 

4. I've never in my life cooked breakfast and I never intend to. I'm just not that into pancakes, French toast, sausages, eggs and such.

5. Love HBO's "The Wire". Love ice cream and gelato. Hate mayonnaise.  

6. I used to be able to read novels in Italian and French, but sadly I've let that skill lapse.

7. In 2000 I found myself on the roof deck of the World Trade Center with my then-girlfriend. We forgot the camera. Upon seeing the price of disposable cameras at the gift shop we said, "Next time. We'll be here again". 

8. October 2001, 5 weeks after September 11, was the next time I was in New York. I had flown down with a friend and we visited the Empire State Building. Again finding myself at the top sans camera, I sought out the gift shop. It was "open" but the lights were off and no one was attending the counter. I had no problem walking out with a $25 Kodak FunSaver camera. I have a picture of myself at the top of the Empire State Building and I have yet to feel guilty about that incident.

9. I still love old-school Michael Jackson solo stuff. Unapologetically.  

10. I don't get Pink Floyd's continued popularity.

11. I secretly believe that Michelle Obama is the love child of Claire Huxtable and Angela Davis; that's why I like her so much.

12. I believe that writing 25 things is waaaaay to tedious. I wasn't lying when I said  you were only getting 12.click tracking

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"6. I used to be able to read novels in Italian and French, but sadly I've let that skill lapse."

I would love to be able to read other languages. I used to be able to puzzle out German, but now, even that's gone.
Giving u s only 12(good ones) is like stopping at foreplay. Come on, 13 more.
13. I am an enchanter. There are some who call me Tim.
It's a great list! 12 is good enough.
I am not surprised at all about #2- I think you are a very talented writer! #7 is powerful and a good lesson that you clearly heeded for #8. I still like Michael Jackson's 80's period.