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SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 10:23AM

Michael Vick and the Shortsighted American Mind

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In a modern society in which the memory of current events and news is only to be replaced as quickly as it is reported, it is no surprise that the American sports fan and sports reporters have forgotten about Michael Vick.

Vick, currently the starting quarterback (due to an injury to Kevin Kolb) for the Philadelphia Eagles, was convicted on federal dog fighting charges three years prior, on his way to a one-year suspension from the NFL, and some jail time.  In the offseason, he was implicated in a shooting at his birthday party involving a former dog fighting partner—a person he was instructed legally to avoid.  And yet, after his performance in Week 2 of the season, sports writers and sports fans seemed to have forgotten that any of this happened.  We should note that they have not forgiven, but they have forgotten.  Has Vick given us any reason to forgive him, other than the fact that he has allegedly stopped funding and hosting dogfights?  In other words, is there a modicum of change in Vick’s character that causes one to forgive and forget?  Not really.

That Vick has proven that he has not forgotten how to play football after two years of playing very little does not imply that forgiveness is in order.  To refresh one’s memory at how gruesome dog fighting can be, all one needs to do is to do an image search using the phrase “dog fighting”, but we will not link images here.  Vick has not changed—though we believe in rehabilitation, it is unlikely that he has received the proper attention to truly believe Vick is currently a model citizen—and it is yet again sports analysts, writers and talking heads are not hesitant to push Vick on a pedestal, a shortsighted move indicating that they fail to remember the gravity of such move conjecture.

This is standard practice, the shortsightedness, of the media, sports reporting, and the American people.  We very quickly forget that our heroes can be monsters in actuality, that the policies of the past clearly effect the present and those same policies are continuously endorsed as the solution to the very problem that was partially caused by them, and we, the people, are enablers as we continue to be just as shortsighted as we let the media allow us to be.

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