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Beijing, China
January 16
Courtney A. Hogarth holds a Ph.D. in Classical Chinese Painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Hogarth is a graduate of Edna Manley College – School of Visual Arts, in Kingston, Jamaica. He came to China out of a profound interest in Chinese Philosophy and Culture, to pursue studies in Classical Chinese Painting, Chinese Philosophy and Culture. He endeavours to exercise respect for the wisdom and traditions of the people with whom he co-inhabits the earth. It is out of the desire to interpret and share what he feels as an individual that Hogarth creates, utilizing visual imagery and the written word. Hogarth’s paintings have been exhibited at the China National Art Museum, National Gallery of Jamaica, Sunshine Museum, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Grosvenor Galleries, Revolution Galleries and the Jamaica Tourist Board. In 2004 he curated his first solo exhibition in Jamaica. Titled ‘Spirit of The brush – Courtney Hogarth Looks at China’ it presented the Jamaican audience with ink paintings inspired by life in China. In 2006 Hogarth, along with four Chinese artists, created an exhibition titled ‘Cocoon’ at the newly established Jamaican Embassy in Beijing. In celebration of 35 years of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China, Hogarth curated and participated in an exhibition titled ‘Journeys’ in November 2007. In his native Jamaica, he has been the subject of several newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television programmes. Hogarth has a unique interest in the literary world, writes poetry and prose dealing with the human condition, celebrating life, and questioning our journey as a nomadic race in the quest to find love and belonging. In 1994 he entered an essay competition sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). His entry titled: “Youth and the Struggle for Social and Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean” was awarded first place, qualifying him Jamaica’s representative to an international youth forum held in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1995. Additionally, he has been the recipient of several awards and scholarships, among them: the C.L. Stuart Award for Academic Excellence, the Mutual Life Foundation Scholarship, the Chinese Overseas Scholarship and the Distinguished Foreign Scholar’s Scholarship from the Government of China. In February 2009, the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, invited Hogarth to deliver the inaugural lecture of the newly established Confucius Institute. Here he spoke on: “Language, Learning and the Future”. In China, Hogarth’s work has been reviewed on China Central Television (CCTV 9), China Education Television (CETV), included in exhibitions of the Central Academy, and published in ‘Configuration Multiply’ by Professor Hu Ming Zhe, of the Central Academy, in which she described his drawings as “…a seeming tropical breeze…” Additionally, his paintings are to be found in private collections in several countries and have also been collected by the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica, the Jamaican Embassy in China, and the Ministry of Education, Jamaica. Over the course of several summers Hogarth designed and taught drawing courses at the Edna Manley College – School of Visual Arts. In 2009 Hogarth was invited to deliver a series of lectures on “Jamaican Art” at the Beijing Institute of Education. One of his guiding philosophies is that the breadth of the world equals the individual’s mental space. Hogarth believes that artists ought to contribute to the creation of an environment allowing for visual interpretation to be accorded to dreams and ideas. This will, in turn, dictate how as creative individuals we communicate our visions to humanity – adding strength and impetus to that universal impulse seeking to forge a more harmonious, habitable environment.


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SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 12:50AM

A Drop of Rain (Artist's Statement)

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One day when a single raindrop fell from heaven, potent with myriad colours, I was born between sun and moon. This penetrated my brain, heart, soul – transuded every last fibre of my being. These colours raced, danced, sang and lifted my vision above vision - causing thirst evermore.

My world touched other worlds – disparate and alike, ancient and renewed – pregnant with potency of individual meaning. Other worlds – nebulous, ethereal. Other worlds – alive, palpable. Colours in my brain, bloodstream, soul, poured out onto everything I saw, touched, imagined. Like ten thousand opened petals in my play joining, with me in middle of sky, depth of rivers and oceans.

Everything welling up before my eyes – voices in dreams and dreams at midday, and dreams within dreams.

Raindrop - this same penetrating, multiplying fragment of the day-sky - into gushing rivers transformed. Now clouds come out to play with me, souls of trees, mountains, and planets unborn. I have no sufficient language except silence. Sometimes I steal away in dream to find fullness in myself – hanging dreams out to colour, in elliptical consciousnesses.

My eyes hold the universe, my feet trudge pathless paths. At times roving upon the wind I try to penetrate delicate wings of purple butterflies. I have lived with deities and angels, belonging nowhere, belonging everywhere, belonging…

In not too often times colours seep through my fingers, accidentally hinting at drama inside inner-self. It is an ancient world. I was present at its birth. For through me and in me it manifested. I am its monarch and peasant. I am its way and traveller, its sun and sunset.

Yesterday orange blossoms kissed my lips, water creatures swam through my transparent self and other worlds beguiled me. Today sun, moon and stars are racing with me, sometimes against me. And from door-less thresholds white wings beat upon my future yesterdays, reminding of my frail, slenderized connection to sun, moon, earth, sky and these eyes – aging, calling, tracing last lines flung out to destiny that are collected and rearranged into my songs, dance, vision.

Worlds colliding by design, by fate; paths dissolving beneath my feet – I walk two inches above earth, walking in earth. I dream in my own dream, un-dreaming. I live in every line that seeps from these fingers in sensuous, colourful rivulets of song. Beholding my face, I am yet invisible, for I am but a drop of rain diffusing colour between sun and moon, falling from clarity of the day-sky.

August 3, 2011
- Beijing

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