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June 02
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MARCH 9, 2009 9:10PM

LZ Easy

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There is still a place
Where I can hide
In my imagination that you
Put a name on.
LZ Easy is where they know
Your story before you speak
Because it’s lines
Are published on your face,
Where any scholar
Still fresh in the World
After forty-something years
Can read them.
LZ Easy has all the amenities:
A park bench, shared cigarettes,
Plastic cups of park service beer,
Just enough cover,
And the company of comrades.







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all the amenities indeed...
Yes indeed, Brian, sometimes it's the only place to be. Thank you.
Very nice. It was really enjoyable, and read with a sort of rhythmic ease. Definitely rated
Mr. Mustard, thank you.

Victor I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.
I know I've seen this place before.
I can't find my way back.
My map flew out the window,
GPS is on the fritz.
I want to visit LZ Easy.
Where life is not the pits.
Michael, I'll save you a seat and a plastic cup suitable for filling with draft beer. Thanks for coming by.
It's a place we all need to know......
Yes, Gary, we all need to find it, that's true.
Rated. I was going to copy and paste my favorite lines, but it would be stupid to copy and paste the whole thing!
so well made and true
I like this. Seriously.
Nice. Great flow to it.

'where they know your story before you speak'
Gee, this line speaks so clear. I am very moved.
Coyote - your opening two lines set the stage for an adventure that the read knows will be safe, but also where they can be themselves.

Extremely comforting,
Zuma, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Roy, thank you for saying so.

Sally, I appreciate your words. Thank you.

Monte, that means a lot from you.

Mission, I am happy that it moved you. Thank you for reading.
George, thanks, LZ Easy should always be a place to be safe.