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June 02
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DECEMBER 9, 2010 7:43AM

Advent Calendar Door Number Nine

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Each day of Advent, beginning on December 1, is marked with a special calendar. Yesterday we opened door number eight. Today is a new day with a new treasure to be revealed.

Bicycles and shopping cart. Photograph Copyright (c) CoyoteOldStyle 2010. 

December 9: Circles and squares at MIT

If you missed opening the doors on previous days, you are invited to begin at the beginning or anywhere you choose!

December 1: Tiled Roof in Lisbon, Portugal 

December 2: Pink Roses in Bloom

December 3: Limestone worn smooth by the Atlantic Ocean

December 4: Buds on a New Hampshire Crabapple Tree

December 5: Snail at the Beach

December 6: A Single Quince Blossom After Rain

December 7: Golden Chairs in a Conference Auditorium

December 8: Anchor in Cascais

Text and Photo Copyright © 2010  CoyoteOldStyle

All Rights Reserved.

In the spirit of holiday shopping, this photo (and other art) is available on a variety of merch at my CafePress store. Buy early and often!

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This is the only time I think I've ever seen someone use a bike lock on a shopping cart, but it sort of makes sense. Great visual appeal. Overall a very interesting piece. Thanks, Coyote!
Thanks, Kent. I was amused by this, especially the single bicycle wheel dutifully locked to the post, and the shopping cart just blew me away!
Love it. My dad used to work there.
An interesting mix of wheels against bricks. Thank you. ~R
Hi Janice, thanks for stopping by. My husband graduated from MIT and works in the Boston area so we still spend time in that neighborhood. Those bicycle locking poles can be seen all over Cambridge.

FusunA, the juxtaposition of circles and squares and rectangles was compelling to me. The shopping cart has squares in its mesh and the bicycle has rectangles in its basket.
Love the contrasts of shapes and colors! Thematically, I'm thinking of motion restricted . . . a wheel is no good if it can't roll . . . but then again, that could be me projecting my own issues onto the picture . . .
Oh Owl, I hadn't thought of that but I like it. The wheels not moving forward, hitting a brick wall, etc. You're good!
The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round . . .
perfect! You got it...
I love how the blue tiles stand out have a great eye!