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June 02
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DECEMBER 22, 2010 12:39PM

Advent Calendar Door Number Twenty-Two

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Each day of Advent, beginning on December 1, is marked with a special calendar. Yesterday we opened door number twenty-one. Today the days are starting to get longer. Even though Winter has just begun, can Spring be far behind? Another door is ready to open.

Bluejay feeding. Photograph Copyright (c) 2010 CoyoteOldStyle  

December 22: New Hampshire Bluejay

If you missed opening the doors on previous days, you are invited to begin at the beginning or anywhere you choose!

December 1: Tiled Roof in Lisbon, Portugal 

December 2: Pink Roses in Bloom

December 3: Limestone worn smooth by the Atlantic Ocean

December 4: Buds on a New Hampshire Crabapple Tree

December 5: Snail at the Beach

December 6: A Single Quince Blossom After Rain

December 7: Golden Chairs in a Conference Auditorium

December 8: Anchor in Cascais

Text and Photo Copyright © 2010  CoyoteOldStyle

All Rights Reserved.

*In the spirit of holiday shopping, the December 9 photo (and other art) is available on a variety of merch at my CafePress store. Buy early and often!

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This one really made me smile for some reason. It's a great shot.
Hey Kent, I liked this guy too. Bluejays are misunderstood as loud-mouthed bullies some times but I think they're beautiful!
I adore bluejays, in spite of their sounds. Thank you, Coyote.
Great pic! My christmas tree isnt finished each year until I hang a very life-like blue jay near the top. Something about their calls that say "home" to me.
femme, thanks, I am fortunate to have so many birds in my front yard.

Fusun, it took me years to appreciate the blue jay after growing up thinking that they were just uninteresting. They are loud-mouths, aren't they!

Tim, I love that idea. I have a bird's nest that i found in my yard that i put in my tree with a fairly realistic tufted titmouse. I have read that it's good luck for the coming year. We can all use that!
I love the hope that comes from thinking of Spring just around the corner!
This is series is quite good, and very refreshing! Thanks for the work you've done!
They are beautiful. In the last few years, I rarely seem them here, as blue jays are one of our species that was decimated by West Nile virus.