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DECEMBER 24, 2010 9:29AM

Advent Calendar Door Number Twenty-Four

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Each day of Advent, beginning on December 1, is marked with a special calendar. Yesterday we opened door number twenty-three. That means today is Christmas Eve! Thank you to all who have walked each day of this journey with me. Showing up for a one-day event is easy, but continuing to taking each step of a long and winding path that some days feels like a firewalk is a test of strength and faith.

The penultimate door of our visual Advent Calendar is ready for you  to open.

Window of a Swiss Chocolatier. Photograph Copyright (c) 2010 CoyoteOldStyle 

December 24: Window at a Swiss Chocolatier

If you missed opening the doors on previous days, you are invited to begin at the beginning or anywhere you choose!

December 1: Tiled Roof in Lisbon, Portugal 

December 2: Pink Roses in Bloom

December 3: Limestone worn smooth by the Atlantic Ocean

December 4: Buds on a New Hampshire Crabapple Tree

December 5: Snail at the Beach

December 6: A Single Quince Blossom After Rain

December 7: Golden Chairs in a Conference Auditorium

December 8: Anchor in Cascais

Text and Photo Copyright © 2010  CoyoteOldStyle

All Rights Reserved.

*In the spirit of holiday shopping, the December 9 photo (and other art) is available on a variety of merch at my CafePress store. Buy early and often!

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Thanks for doing this. Your idea was inspired and brilliant. Merry Christmas.
Thank you, Janice, for going down this path with me. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Cute scene. I'm wondering what kind of chocolate. Toblerone? I figure if the right word is uttered, fun advertisements will pop up.
Thanks, Joan for your encouragement!

Kent, maybe Hershey's, Lindt, Nestle? Chocolate is the food of the gods after all. And you know what they say about the purveyor of those ads, right?
Um, I'll bite... That they make the very best chocolate?
Uh, no. I was talking about the G people.
This advent calendar has been just wonderful, Coyote. Your pictures give such a global journey toward the real Christmas, and we have enjoyed being with you all the way!

Merry Christmas, good friend!
Merry Christmas and thank you for a beautiful endeavor, Coyote. All the best in the new year.
Zuma, thank you for going with me on this journey. It's friends like you who have made the trip especially delightful. Merry Christmas to you!

Fusun, thanks so much! Sometimes the way from one place to another leads us not just to new locales but also to new friends. May your new year be bright.