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DECEMBER 25, 2010 12:22AM

The Last Advent Calendar Door: Merry Christmas!

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Each day of Advent, beginning on December 1, is marked with a special calendar.

Today is Christmas Day and the last door of our virtual Advent Calendar is here. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I wish you all love, happiness and joy during this season of peace and throughout your life.

Stained Glass Nativity. Photograph Copyright (c) 2010 CoyoteOldStyle 

December 25: Stained Glass Nativity, Sintra, Portugal

If you missed opening the doors on previous days, you are invited to begin at the beginning or anywhere you choose!

December 1: Tiled Roof in Lisbon, Portugal 

December 2: Pink Roses in Bloom

December 3: Limestone worn smooth by the Atlantic Ocean

December 4: Buds on a New Hampshire Crabapple Tree

December 5: Snail at the Beach

December 6: A Single Quince Blossom After Rain

December 7: Golden Chairs in a Conference Auditorium

December 8: Anchor in Cascais

Text and Photo Copyright © 2010  CoyoteOldStyle

All Rights Reserved.

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What a nice photo to round out this really beautiful project! Thanks for doing this. Merry Christmas to you, and to everyone else looking on!
Beautiful! Merry Christmas, CoyoteOldStyle...thanks for this unusual and fun Advent season with you : )
...and Merry Christmas to you, Kent !
Thanks, Kent. It was a cool project and I logged a lot of time getting the photos and deciding which ones went in which door, but it was worth every moment of devotion. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Thanks, Thinking! Merry Christmas to you and especially to Middle Son!
Lovely..All of these a wonderful treat. A fine, important project to share with us. thank you! oxxox Merry Christmas!!
Thank you, Gary. It was a project worth trying and it makes me happy to know that you think it was important. Merry Christmas!
just beautiful :D Merry Christmas Coyote!
You picked an Excellent image for the last, COS. Merry Christmas to you and all you care about!
Merry Christmas to you as well, Julie. Thanks for coming along!

Michael, that last image is from a very old private chapel that a man built on his property and it sure seemed like the best representation for today. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Michael!
This was a wonderful project. I love this last one. Thanks for all of them...~r
Kent's right--what a delightful set of posts for us to enjoy! Thanks!
Okay, how did I miss the "R" key and hit "E" instead? :P
PW, I'm guessing it was a Freudian slip. You probably were starting to type "EP", since that's what this really should have gotten. :)
. . or Excellent instead of Rated. In any case, thank you Coyote - it has been a delightful journey. May your Christmas be merry and your new year full of happiness and peace. Thanks, again.
This has been fun! Thanks so much for 25 visual treats!
I came here by way of Kent Pitman's post today. I went through all 25 and I must say it was such fun. Looks like it was a lot of work. thank you for this - sorry I hadn't seen it before.
Merry Christmas to you & yours.
Coyote, this is one of the best things ever done at OS. I will come back again and again to go through your advent calendar and to enjoy your spectacular photos.

Thanks for a wonderful gift and Merry Christmas, good friend.
I think what's cool about this is not just the pictures but the technology. It uses Open Salon's existing tools and medium in a new and interesting way that extends over time and hypertext space (hyperspace?) to produce an object that is multi-dimensional and functional.
These are all truly fascinating. Thanks for this memorable gift.
This series has been just a satisfying as the finest of chocolates would have been. My favorite? Grasshopper on a Day Lily! Merry Christmas!

What a great way to close out this Christmas Day. I'm so glad Kent featured your blog. Just lovely. Rated
I will need to go visit the rest of your doors Coyote. I hope you are howling with JOY today. Much love!
Wow! I'm so pleased by this outpouring of comments. Thanks again to you Kent for doing that feature of this project.

Joan, thanks for coming by again and again. I'm glad you didn't miss this one.

Poor Woman, welcome. I'm happy that you enjoyed this.

Thanks as always Fusun. I wish you all the best during this holiday season and beyond.

Tim, we do need fun from time to time. What a boring old world it would be without it. Thank you.

trilogy, I'm glad that you're here. Come by again! I figure that I'll come up with another project one of these days.

Zuma, it's always a pleasure to find you here. I am glad you enjoyed this and look forward to the gifts we will have for each other in the coming year.

Blue Roses, thanks for being a part of this project!

Cindy, there's no cheating about this! You are free to go in any door that you want to now. Enjoy!

Lezlie, it may be as satisfying as a box of chocolates but it doesn't have the calories and neither does it have a chocolate-covered grasshopper on that daylily. Thanks for coming by!

Trish thanks for looking and enjoying this project. I hope to see you here again.

Sparking, I have been howling with joy today. What fun! All the best to you in this holiday season and for a happy new year.
Thanks for this series, Coyote. It really is the best advent calendar I've ever seen. I love the concept--so much better than stale candy or tiny objects made in China by some sad child laborer behind the stiff paper doors of a traditional advent calendar.

Merry Christmas, friend. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday with minimal travel hassles :)
Hey Susan, thanks. We are all home now, safe and warm and dry. American Airlines got us from Phoenix to Boston on time and in one piece when so many other airlines had cancelled flights. I give kudos to the pilot with the Santa Claus tie.

I think you're right. Instead of little junky toys or bad chocolate, why not an image that provokes a thought or a laugh or a flight of imagination. Life is ephemeral and we all too often act as if it were permanent. I wish you light and love this holiday season and all throughout the year to come.
Thanks to Kent Pitman for steering me here and Im sorry I missed it. Thanks to his calendar, I've been clicking on all the boxes to see your Advent images. What a beautiful gift you gave to so many. Thank you! This was an outstanding series.
Hi Mary, thanks for coming and taking part. Kent was a jolly good Santa to point folks at my Advent calendar. It was fun to have more people come and see!