Cheshire County, New Hampshire, United States
June 02
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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 3:04PM

Breaking News: Nemo Hits New Hampshire

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The leading edge of Nemo was to have started dropping snow on our part of New Hampshire by early afternoon. As far as I could tell, by 10:30 when I went out to hang an additional feeder of sunflower seeds for the wild birds, the snow had started.

 As of 2:30 this afternoon, our yard looked like this:

feeders in the yard. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 by CoyoteOldStyle.

White Pine. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 by CoyoteOldStyle.

Only a few cars moving on the highway. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 by CoyoteOldStyle.

No cars moving up the street. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 by CoyoteOldStyle.  

I'll try to keep you updated as conditions change. Right now, our forecast is for about 24 inches.

4:30 Eastern Time

Juniper with snow sticking. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 CoyoteOldStyle.

 And we have to have something to eat, of course. Just took this cinnamon braid out of the oven. Sugar-free of course!

Cinnamon Braid. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 CoyoteOldStyle.

Thousands of people are already without power. Evacuations are beginning in Marshfield, Massachusetts. We're going to continue to hunker down up here.

7:15 Eastern Time

Snow falling on Juniper. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 CoyoteOldStyle.

Snow continues to fall heavier now, making everything a sugary confection.


View of the street. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 by CoyoteOldStyle.

 7:00 A.M. Eastern Time, February 9

What a difference twelve hours makes.

The same junipers as above, now completely hidden. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 CoyoteOldStyle.


Still no cars moving up the street that is probably not plowed. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 by CoyoteOldStyle.



Bird feeders with snow hats. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 CoyoteOldStyle.


So far, the trees surrounding the yard are holding. Photograph copyright (c) 2013 CoyoteOldStyle.  

Stay warm and safe out there!


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Stay safe, warm and dry in the Monadnock Region.
Thanks for blogging this event for us. Stay warm!
YIKES! snow!!! be careful up there in the woodsy world.
Thanks, Sheepie. We're getting a lot of confectionery sugar snow. It is pretty and sparkling. You stay safe down there, too!

You're welcome, Kent. Thanks for stopping by and don't shovel too much!

Femme, we're being careful. Got plenty of supplies. Heeding our governor's advice and not driving anywhere. We'll see what the storm brings overnight!
Ooo that last photo looks a bit ominous to me. Be safe and keep posting. I love reports from the edge.
Pretty - but stay safe & warm
Wow! Glad you're okay. I assume from the fact that you're able to post that you didn't lose power.

Looks like amazing conditions for cross country skiing. Good luck with the digging out process.
Zanelle, the orangey street photo was, I think, because of the amount of snow falling lit by the streetlight, compounded by not using flash and hand holding the camera. But I agree, it's really weird! Thanks for stopping by!

Trilogy, thank you. We're all nicely hunkered down here. It's a good excuse for slowing the pace of life a bit.

Bike, it's really deep and fluffy. I threw on a parka and boots to go out and take the photos this morning but was still in my jammies so I didn't put a yard stick in it yet. My husband was out shoveling incrementally last night so we hope it won't be too egregious this morning. Not a day for a ride, that's for sure, but I think snow shoeing in this quiet would be amazing.
I'm glad you are staying positive. I think it is amazing! Thanks for the update.
Thanks for showing us the progression. It is a wonder.
Stay safe. Btw, send some of that cold air down south. R
i love the branches that come right down to the ground. something very very magical about them. nice to know you weathered it okay!
Stay safe and enjoy your wonderful baking! Thanks for the great photos to show how snow looks. We don't get any in Sacramento.
In all the time I lived in New Hampshire I don't think I ever saw that much snow so close to easter.

Beautiful pics.
Am I out of it? I just realized this post was written months ago.