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JULY 11, 2009 2:49PM

The Case For 'Content' And Wood-Paneled Cars

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Credit: MSNBC & Ford Motor Co.

By Crabby Golightly


The web is all about 'content,' techies be damned. So editorial types spend hours devising stories to get you to visit their sites. Mix in some facts, a dash of wit, maybe some whimsy -- and viola! -- you've got yourself a feature.

Such is surely the way MSN's list of 10 Worst Automotive Fads was compiled. (Note to readers: don't take 'worst' too seriously! The list was compiled by snarks sitting around desks making jokes!)

We at CrabbyGolightly concur that talking cars and spinning rims are ridiculous, but we take exception to the dissing of fuzzy dice and faux woodsided cars!

Why, take away these two iconic images and our youthful memories would be so much more blah. Not everybody can have Martha's understated perfection!

The fuzzy dice are a wink to kitsch. And one really thinks they're groovy; everyone's in on the joke.

But dissing wood-paneled cars cuts deep. I mean, nothing signaled "family man" about Mike Brady more than his green-and-wood-paneled wagon. And nothing says "nostalgia" to Gen X than The Brady Bunch.

Even now, just thinking of driving next to Mike Brady in one of those big brawny things gets me all woozy. But I'm a retro geek, what can I say?

I'd even go so far as to challenge Motor City to bring back faux paneling!

I can find a handful of like-minded folks on YouTube, where you can take a slow ride in a 1972 Ford LTD Country Squire faux-paneled station wagon, not exactly the Brady car, but close enough for nostalgia's purpose.

There are a few squares left like me and YouTube commenter CDTbossy who wrote, "I love American station wagons, especially those with wood like side panels." Ditto Gajda1984 who said, "This car was made during a time when cars actually were CARS! Not the pussy shit you see today."

Detroit, seek your salvation!

As for MSNers, we'll forgive them. For we ourselves have sinned in the name of 'content.'






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OMG Crabby, my parents had one of these things back in the day. Drove the whole family from Chicago to California (Disneyland). I remember the flip up seats in the way back that me and my siblings had to cram into. Families just don't drive across country for vacations anymore, no? Those long trips in the faux woody are some of my fondest family memories. Thanks a bunch for the great post, damn MSN!
The industry of wood paneled cars were actually gone though it was such a nice concept as wood being a heat absorbent. The only thing is that quality, it would not last for long because of being a raw stuff. But good thing now, dealerships had started such project as autoparts with the engagement of wood paneling.