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DECEMBER 22, 2008 9:24AM

Juan Pablo, Uruguay

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I met Juan Pablo in Venezuela. He is from Argentina and lives in Uruguay and is the closest living thing to an emoticon that you will ever see. And he has a really cute little notebook full of art and little shoes with drawings on them like he is a teen but I think he's late 20s. I had to fotoshoppe his new hippie/old asian man beard though: do not like. Neckbrace better.


When I MSN asked him for his picture he asked me what it was for. And after looking at it he told me that it was a bunch of Spanish words that google translated to: naughty, hussy and vermin (?wtf?)
I'm sure hussy was meant in a good way because he is such a li´l emoticon and he would never call me a hussy. Unless he was trying to speak english because ESLs always use the best innapropriate words from the 50s like ¨scoundrel¨ and ¨vagabond¨.
On the same token I am assuming "vermin" has good connotations in South America. Kind of like how owls are wise here but in Iraq they are wide-eyed retards. Vermin in South America probably means beautiful and also free of transmittable diseases.

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