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NOVEMBER 18, 2010 9:45AM

Royalty and Roundheads

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I’ve agonised over this post. I’ve wondered if I should ever confess to my dreadful, horrible, secret. Ok, deep breath, here I go – I used to be a monarchist.


Ok, ok, so I was 12 years old at the time. Charles had just married Diana, the world was swooning with the romance of it all, we’d just beaten the Argentineans in Falklands and can I just repeat the fact that I was 12 again? Things are much simpler when you’re 12. The world is a more orderly, safer, place, mostly because you’re inexperienced (translation – bloody pig-ignorant).


What happened next came as a terrible shock. I grew up.


As I grew up, both physically and mentally, I realised a few home truths about the Royal Family. They’re a bunch of berks. They’re either total snobs and/or prigs. Having Prince Charles lecture the nation on anything like morality is grounds for hysterical laughter and then an instant republic. The only problem with that, as the Australians know, is that a republic would result in some former failed politician being elevated out of the House of Commons and given a fat salary for services rendered to his cronies.


The reason for all of this breast-beating is the news this week that Prince William is to marry Kate Middleton. You might have heard a bit about this by now. It’s already caused a vast amount of effusive gibberish to be spewed out all over the place and the Daily Mail will be having a collective orgasm of royalist twaddle every day leading up to the wedding next year.


Now, I wish them all the best. Young Bill’s had a rotten hand dealt to him and he deserves some happiness, while Kate’s been patient and has stuck things out well. I just hope that they manage to buck the trend from Bill’s family (four marriages in the previous generation, three of which ended very badly).


My biggest problem with all the nauseating drivel that’s being written about the wedding is that we’re in the middle of some of the most severe austerity measures we’ve ever had in this country thanks to Gordo’s mismanagement of the economy. A royal wedding costs a lot of money. Why can’t they tie the knot at the chapel of Windsor Castle? Why does the world have to buried in the mound of cheap commemorative plates and mugs that are now being painted (and probably misspelled) in sweatshops around the world?


Ok, so I’m not a monarchist any more. What does that make me? Easy. I’m a Roundhead!


I seek a Cavalier dog to repress  

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First the royal wedding then the Olympics. I feel sorry for the Londoners over the next two years.
Things didn't work out so well for the original Roundheads - and I don't know that Oliver Cromwell trying to pass everything on to his son was much different than a monarchy. I can't point to the American system as being all that it should be, so anarchy might be our only option.
OCN - yes, it's going to be a busy few years for us in London. That might be why we're thinking about moving to the seaside.

Cominghome - Yes, but I love the helmet. And the boots!
It would be a great gesture if they would get married on a mountain in Tibet and save millions. But, it'll never happen. (I can't take my eyes off his hair. He's going to be bald like his dad, but the other one I think will have a great head of hair. Maybe I'm a secret monarchist too)
Sadly we are all watching it here, too. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Not that I'm a royalist, but I love your country's idea of picking a single family as the nation's whipping boy. We tend to rotate ours.
Would it not be possible that the royal wedding next summer will also bring a bounty of revenue for the British Empire? Me thinks it will. And the world needs something happy to focus on amidst all the daily muck we are experiencing. Lord knows, I would rather watch all the blather about this darling couple than the media crap over Palin/Palin and company.
Yeah, we here in the States get a big reminder of the royal lovers. Heck, TLC decided to run a show about it, and ran the ad like every other minute for 12 days or something before the show.

I was royally sick of William and his girl right quickly. I wish them the best and yes, William, do the right thing, ELOPE!!!! :D

All the monarchists emigrated to America, and travel in disguise as suburban housewives. I married one.
funny comments and we feel your pain... it's all over the telly here too. Would he really want to follow his mother's memory down the aisles of either St. Paul's or Westminster Abbey; one would imagine not. Small and tasteful would be appreciated by the economy I should think. May not be possible, but William announced his engagement via Twitter, so who knows? I'd suggest the Seychelles - hard to get to and easy to protect, with a nice London reception later, if they would just ask me.