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NOVEMBER 25, 2010 5:48AM

Oh Noes! Sarah Palin’s a Communist!

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Well folks, it’s true. Alaska’s favourite daughter – sorry, ex-favourite daughter due to her giving up and running away from the tiring role of Governor – has torn off her mask and revealed her true, red, colours for all the world to see.



Yes, she’s a commie, a Bolshevik, a Trot, a pinko, a red-under-the-bed, a Stalinist, a Leninist and even – gasp! – a Kimmian.



How do we know this? Simple – she supports our North Korean allies!



That or she’s just as clueless about the world outside North America as we all had feared.

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But can she see North Korea from Alaska? My fervent prayer is for her to be nominated in 2012 - what fun that will be! Hope you and your lovely wife and your "children" are having a great day today! (Hi Toffee!)
Lol, Alison, we're having Thanksgiving here in London on Saturday. The turkey's already in the fridge but there's supposed to be a lot of snow heading our way over the weekend. Fingers crossed that it doesn't arrive on or before Saturday, as then the family won't be able to make and we'll be having turkey enchiladas for a week or so. Have a great Thanksgiving yourself!
As much as I hate Sarah Palin I have to say this was just a slip of the tongue. Granted her tongue is not usually saying what I want to hear at all but this is much ado about nothing.
Omigosh! There's actually VALUE in that old Cold War slogan....

"Better dead than Red!"
"Red Sarah" can just kiss my vote goodbye! Keep it up Sarah, hon. And for God's sake, don't try to learn anything about foreign policy between now and 2012. Don't even blink.

thanks for the great laugh, Cymraeg.
I'm not surprised by what she say, I'm surprised she knew about it. Did Fox cover it? If not, theres millions that don't even know it happened!
I will click my heels three times. Maybe it will send her back to OZ.

She is stupid, but she also thinks that she's going to stay cute and to give cute excuses forever. There is no excuse for that "slip" of the tongue, unless she's also senile.
I support our allies of North Korea too!! Teeheehee!! ;D