DECEMBER 12, 2011 4:05PM

The Hunt For Green December

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Moving back to California held many promises for me, time with my family being the foremost of these. So with pleasure, this weekend, the Chico Bakers embarked on the annual Christmas Tree Hunt in Lassen National Forest. We were guided by Dad (aka Forester Frank) and Mom (bringer of cocoa and Santa hats).

Three generations of Christmas Tree Hunters.

Our native guides.

Mom, looking cute.

Leah played video games in the car.

This one says "No Cut" so we'd better keep looking.

Watch the antlers!

Our little tiger helped drink the cocoa and find pine cones.

A large piece of Lassen National Forest installed in our family room. Needles to say (pun intended) I have not yet begun to decorate!

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