OCTOBER 24, 2010 5:49AM


I have a friend who is 89 years old. I call her Miss E. She has scoliosis, among other health problems. Her twisted body is filled with tiny, excruciating fractures. In the few years I’ve known her, she has been in constant pain. “My back is killing me,”… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 21, 2009 2:51PM

A Brush with Greatness... and the Law

I spent decades just missing Hunter Thompson. Back in '79 or '80 I was in a funky Sausalito breakfast joint, I forget the name... over by the houseboats... waiting for Mike Stepanian. We were going to drive over to Richmond together, where he would defend me on a measly little pot… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 18, 2009 12:33PM


I was just sitting here wondering which way to turn when outside my window Crow called out.  CAW! Message from spirit. Crow Medicine is about sacred law and has to do with walking your talk; speaking your truth.

 I sat up straight and clicked on Open Salon. It could have been… Read full post »

AUGUST 9, 2009 4:28PM


Fresh mountain air blowing in my window. Tom Waits growling on my boom box. Reminiscent of last week's experience at the Boulder Theatre. Driving up Pearl Street, minding our own beezwax, hang a left onto 14th and glance up at the Marquee. Who's playing? Papa Mali. Never heard of him. But… Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2009 3:13PM


Once again, instead of posting an original message, I am pasting in something I thought worthy of sharing. This time it's an email I just got from President Obama. I have signed on to do an event in my neighborhood, in spite of the arguments it might trigger on the
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I just posted this at Organizing for America. I guess when I decide "the people" should do something, it starts with  me. So I decided to pick a time and place .

11:11 pm  jumped into my mind because I feel there's a spiritual connotation to the number. The Organizing for Am… Read full post »

In a recent tweet from Iran I was reminded that after the tragedy on September 11, 2001, people all over the world supported the people of the United States with candle light vigils.

We need to show solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Iran, who are putting their lives on… Read full post »

JUNE 11, 2009 1:32AM


The more I read about David Carradine's death, the more I get it.

1) From what I can tell, the deeper one gets into certain martial arts and other esoteric practices, the more extreme the practice becomes. Weidness begets weirdness.

2) Many spiritual disciplines -- like Kundalini Yoga (or the Native A… Read full post »

APRIL 2, 2009 8:33AM

2010 Census

Good morning all! Today is my fourth day of training as an enumerator for the U.S. Census Bureau. It's an amazing process, although it is becoming easier  to understand as the training continues.

When I get home I'm exhausted but always find time to come to OS. It may take me… Read full post »

MARCH 13, 2009 9:21AM


The economy is turning around. I believe it is happening faster than we dared hope. Even though I'm in a part-time, near mimimum wage job, the day after President Obama said, ever so casually, that "now might be a good time to buy," I took that as a tip,  scraped together… Read full post »
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FEBRUARY 6, 2009 2:34PM


The directions said to click the red X on the map of the USA nearest where I live. Since I’d just moved to the Pacific Northwest, that would be Seattle.

"Check-in at 3 PM. Bring cardboard enough for a tent, a sleeping bag, a 1.5 litre bottle of water
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JANUARY 12, 2009 2:50AM


You won't believe this, I told Beth. What? I just got a job. NO! Where? Borders Books at National Airport.

Our brainstorming paid off. Exactly one day after we put our heads together, I was employed.

I started this post on Saturday, December 13, but I got distracted and forgot to finish it.… Read full post »

DECEMBER 12, 2008 9:05AM


I was brainstorming on the phone with Beth. There has to be some kind of job connected to the inauguration that I could snag. Anything. Of course, I've already volunteered via the Inauguration Committe website. Couldn't hurt.... Besides, there doesn't seem to be any other way to make contact with the… Read full post »

OCTOBER 7, 2008 1:33PM


April 20, San Francisco

The directions were simple:

“Walk into the park and look for the hippies.”

After devoting almost an hour to the Parking Goddess, we did just that. It was only two downhill blocks into the park. As soon as we penetrated the tree-lined perimiter, we found the… Read full post »