JUNE 24, 2009 5:40PM

11:11 pm Candlelight Vigil Tonight and Every Night

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I just posted this at Organizing for America. I guess when I decide "the people" should do something, it starts with  me. So I decided to pick a time and place .

11:11 pm  jumped into my mind because I feel there's a spiritual connotation to the number. The Organizing for America (formerly the Obama Presidential campaign; now the people's campaign...) website only let me create an event a week into the future, but I really mean tonight and every night until the people of Iran are free and safe.

I'm heading out to buy candles and to attend my local Code Pink weekly potluck dinner. It's definitely time to log off and get out and do something.

Candle Vigil for Iran Protesters (Community Service)

Wherver you are at 11:11 PM, each and every night, please light a candle for our sisters and brothers in Iran, fighting oppression and laying their lives on the line for social justice.
Time: 11:11 PM
Host: Cynthia Johnston
Phone: 303 345-3259
Location: Everywhere. Wherever You Are
Directions: Wherever you are at 11:11 pm, stop what you are doing and light a candle in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran.

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I'm praying for them everyday. thanks!