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June 02
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MARCH 2, 2012 12:45AM

In Defense of Women and the Men Who Love Them

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First, I’d like to say I get you, Rush Limbaugh.  I’ve met lots of men like you in my lifetime (yes, lots, I’ve been on birth control).  Most of them are certainly less direct about how they feel, but then they don’t have that great big, phallic radio mike to kiss every day.  That big, pendulous piece of equipment hanging in your face to make you feel bold and empowered.  I’m sure it helps to know you’ve got lots of frustrated, angry folks listening to you, waiting to feel acknowledged and understood by your kiss-my-ass attitude toward all those women who demand equality.  Ready to laugh because that big bully on the radio just said one more thing that’s just so flamingly outrageous, it’s going to be great entertainment to see public reactions.  We’d all like to have a thick, firm mike once in a while just to blow off a little steam, and there’s a certain type of guy that really relates to you, Rush.

But you’ve gone a little too far.  Yep, that persona of the nasty, cigar-sucking entertainer stroking the mike is now just one more caricature of the angry middle-aged man who really, really hates women.  Oh, I know, I know, you don’t really hate those women who smile sweetly, show a little cleavage, and tell you it was good for them too.  It’s those other women who are the problem. The sluts! The women who live independent lives, choose birth control and stand up independently as citizens to demand equality.  The women who vote, work, give birth or choose not to.  Damn them all, what a pain!  They’ve caused you to burst like a big greasy pimple and spew stupidity all over the airwaves . . . again.

But I get you, Rush.  It’s not your fault.  It’s those women. They just don’t see the difference between what men ­have (insurance coverage for surgery to preserve prostate functionality or prescription benefits to cover drugs for erectile dysfunction) and insurance coverage for something women need like birth control.  You need your prostate function and your erection.  Women who need birth control are just sluts.   I know, I know, it’s not the same to you.

But seriously, Rush, I take great comfort in the fact that you alienate women across this country, across party lines, and across religious lines every time you insult one of us and show such intense disrespect.  I think you are one of the best things to ever happen to liberal politics.  So in the middle of the night when you’ve curled up in bed with the Mrs., the Cialis has been effective, and she’s told you it was good for her, too, just remember that all of the thinking, intelligent, self-respecting women in this country understand you.  We get you, Rush.  Before we met the lovers who really love women, we all met lots of guys just like you and we see exactly what you are.  Exactly.

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Oh, and by the way Rush, the Mrs. was lying. It really wasn't any good.
Very well written! Great read. You definitely hit the nail on the head! I agree with you 100%.

Maybe he was high when he said that.

He has an addiction problem, you know.
it's great to see more women getting in on the action. obama is going to need every one of your votes he can get.
Wish I had said all that. Right on!!!!!
Thank you for so thoughtfully and eloquently expressing each infuriating tirade of expletives that have systematically shut down my rational mind since I read about our friend Rush's comments. I find that I've become so angry that it's rendered me unable to constructively put three words together to release the angry little demons doing cartwheels in my brain.

Sorry but I just have to.........Suck it, Rush!

Ahh, that's better.

Lovely post, rated!
Thank you for all the comments. Sometimes inspiration just lands right at your feet.
It's so gratifying to see Rush spew his invective into the wind. Unfortunately he make tons of money every time he opens that rancid orifice in his head, but also, in an indirect way, that same money is fueling the forces against his ideas...thanks for an inspired post.
This was just fantastic. Limbaugh really crossed the line with me this time. I will find every advertiser on his show and boycott them. I don't care if they sell my favorite product. This jerk needs to experience some consequences stemming from the totally inappropriate garbage spewing from his mouth.
"We get you, Rush. Before we met the lovers who really love women, we all met lots of guys just like you and we see exactly what you are. Exactly."

yes. oh. yes.
Love "that great big, phallic radio mike to kiss every day."
Oh yeah, I'm sure he's mentally spanking the monkey every time he opens his cavernous maw.

If Glenn Beck can be fired, mmmaybe its' possible to scare Rush Limbaugh shitless that the Feminazis have at long last run out of our last atom of patience.

Your post about RuSSHHH!! is much more measured than mine, and funnier.
jmac1949, I had to comb my hair (it was standing on end) and take an aspirin to prevent stroke before their was anything coherent on the page.
"I had to comb my hair (it was standing on end) and take an aspirin to prevent stroke before their was anything coherent on the page."

Their? 'Their' still isn't much 'coherent' on the page.
Yikes - there! My only excuse is it's late for me and I've been arguing with my conservative sister.
Fine, controlled takedown D.
Perhaps he needs a little Viangra- for ereptile dysfunction and intermittent exploitive disorder. Poor little man, in a bag fat puffy white man body. Have you ever noticed that he and Newt (and a couple others) have weirdly fat heads? I guess when god was asking them to pick out the size of their head, they misunderstood....
Great post, content- and style-wise. I've always imagined there has to be a kind of fear behind the Limbaugh type of guy. What an abrupt change it must be to encounter women who out-power you on every level.

p.s. Women have been in on the action long before Limbaugh or Obama were around.

p.p.s. It's very easy for a writer to make a typo and it can be kindly pointed out in a comment or even more quietly in a private message--people have done so to me and I've appreciated it and edited the post.
As usual, the American public threw the baby out with the bathwater. This whole issue is NOT about contraception or who should pay for that privilege. It is about the freedom of speech which seems to be allowed only if the liberals concur. It is also about morality, which I fear, is a word most would need to look up its meaning. Propriety is at large. By the outrage this case has incurred, it is more than apparent that we have lowered our standards to the basement. What is beyond that? Heaven help us.
Just look at Limbaugh's ratings. He does have a huge audience. If your point of view is so reasonable Ms. Horny (and it's no wonder you adopt the pro-slut line) where are the national media and political figures who can obtain a large enough of a following to counter Rush? Why do politicians on the right vie to win the mantle of 'most conservative' while the centrist politicians in the Demokratik party run away in fear from the 'liberal' label?

There is a gigantic swathe of the Amerikan public that is ambivalent about women's sexual freedom. There is a growing desire, on the part of growing numbers of men AND traditionalist/conservative women, to reassert control over the pussy. And if you can come out of your liberal rat-hole enclave for a moment Ms. Horny (there I go again!) why don't you take a look at the 'gonzo' porn that is more and more feeding the sexual iconography and attitudes of young men and women in the real world. Gonzo porn is pushing the borders of misogyny, training young men in proper punishing 'deep throat' fellatio techniques on today's generation of sluts, to the point of an increasing number of emergency room hospital visits for medical repair of lacerated windpipes.

Better don't come out of your liberal rat-hole. Rush is got some man-meat for that pussy of yours....teach you a lesson about life....wink
Wow Jejune. You make me glad I wrote the post and gave your opinion the exposure it deserves. That 3rd grade misspelling of my name really zapped me! Next.
"Just look at Limbaugh's ratings..."

I agree that the numbers are significant. After all, half of America is of below average IQ. Guess which half makes up Limbaugh's audience.

Ms. D. Horne's swipe at Idiot America hit it's mark dead on. Nice!
I can't believe anybody listens to this chauvinist. He's repulses me.
Every woman has his number now - wherever he goes; he'll have to be wearing "A Cup"! R
D., write on. You have captured the right tone here and I commend you for it. If the Loon right is really this desperate, then it must be that Gush is the new Nurse Ratchett in the asylum.

He has lost any real legitimacy as a commentator: this person is and should be termed, Gush Lowbrow, for he appeals to the lowest common element in our country, with the merciless power of an old
blow torch, deep in our lowest cellar ...
Hmmm -- that phallus thing -- the mic and the big cigar -- maybe that explains why Blimpo, who has been married four times (and probably counting unless I miss my guess), has no children. Could it be that Rush is, shall we say, closeted?
Ha! very well said. Excellent post. R
That kind of language is incredibly offensive to all women. No apology could change the fact that Limbaugh has shown his true colors. I know exactly what kind of man he is, also. Thanks for posting.
Great article...all women have known men like Rush. Let's see... FOUR wives, no children and consumes so much viagra he has to import it by the ton.

I think a lack of sex must be affecting his brain. The GOP created this monster; now they can't find his off switch. His "apology" ended in LOL. Appeared right next to an article ranting about how funny it was that he has pissed off the left wing.

Rush may be LOL, but I'm LMAO that the GOP thinks they can win by alienating 50% of the population. I'm glad Rush is revealing them for exactly what they are - a party of misogynists that wants to keep women barefoot, pregnant and ignorant.
Great article. Well said, and brava!

An interesting statistic I've come across recently is from the Netherlands, where they have the lowest rates of teen pregnancy in the world. They also have universal health care, easily available birth control, and extensive sex education in public schools.

The result? Kids are boinking each other like rabbits! Actually just the opposite. Teens in The Netherlands tend to start sexual activity later, have fewer partners, and have far fewer teen pregnancies.

Who knew, that TALKING about sex rationally and scientifically, providing birth control, and being honest results in less sex.

(Now, where's that abstinence only education when we need it?)

People who have sex are not sluts. They are human beings. If we give people the tools to be rational, they will be.