Santa Rosa, California, USA
April 30
(aka Josephine Elizabeth Ortez, Josie Ortez) I am 61 years young, a performance artist, writer and painter (oils) I live with my Dalmatian doggie 3 cats and 2 goldfish. I am happy despite my best efforts to the contrary. I am of Native American, Mexican, German, Irish English ethnicity. A DAKINI is a semi wrathful spirit woman from the Tibetan Buddhism tradition who manifests in dreams, visions and during meditation. She is the Goddess of Life's turning points, serving as instigator, inspirer, messenger and even trickster. She transmutes suffering into enlightened awareness. She is often depicted as a young naked figure in dancing pose often holding a skull cup of the Elixir of Life in one hand and a curved knife in the other. She may wear a garland of human skulls, her hair is wild and hangs down her back. She dances on top of a corpse, representing her mastery over ego and ignorance. MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY!


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SEPTEMBER 19, 2008 5:41PM

Ask around, look it up, Nothing prettier than a spotted pup

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BlueStar HomeBoy

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Looks exactly like I always imagined Pongo would. The REAL Pongo. Whom I remain convinced is Really, Really Real.

And I always thought it was nasty for Disney to give Perdita's name to Missus and conflate the two.
Thank you EddyPo. He's the best doggie in the world,
except when he's not.......

Verbal Remedy: I once paraded my doggie in front
of a Movie Theater showing 101 Damatians just
as the kiddies were getting out of an afternoon show.
Surprisingly,they paid him no heed as they erupted from
the theater. Go figure.

One great thing about DALs is that they are always
dressed for a fancy occassion...not that I go to any......

One of the best things about Dalmatians
is that they are always dressed for a fancy event
Delete that redundant last sentence...I wish we could
preview our comments
What a beauty! I had one when I was a little girl. I am nearly embarrassed to say his name was Spotty. He had one blue eye and one that was golden brown. He was a sweet, sweet dog with a big black Great Dane as his pal. It was a sight to behold to see them run together.
Head resting on a leopardskin throw. Magnificent!
What a lovely dog. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you all for your kind comments.

Susanne-While Dals are waay hyper they do have very sweet dispositions.
And EddyPo has excellent taste in cushions, too.
so beautiful! i want to have one at some point. i have owned four different kinds of dogs so far and this is definitely on my 'one day' list.
I'm late in finding this treasure. What a gorgeous photo of a beautiful dog! Did you pose her or did she choose the leopard throw to rest on?
Good lord! How did I miss this incredible photo?
She/he is lovely.......truly.
Verbal- Pongo IS real. So is the dog he met on his travels, the one that gave him and Perdita his share of buttered toast from tea. They were all real. I know it.
He is a lovely boy.