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April 30
(aka Josephine Elizabeth Ortez, Josie Ortez) I am 61 years young, a performance artist, writer and painter (oils) I live with my Dalmatian doggie 3 cats and 2 goldfish. I am happy despite my best efforts to the contrary. I am of Native American, Mexican, German, Irish English ethnicity. A DAKINI is a semi wrathful spirit woman from the Tibetan Buddhism tradition who manifests in dreams, visions and during meditation. She is the Goddess of Life's turning points, serving as instigator, inspirer, messenger and even trickster. She transmutes suffering into enlightened awareness. She is often depicted as a young naked figure in dancing pose often holding a skull cup of the Elixir of Life in one hand and a curved knife in the other. She may wear a garland of human skulls, her hair is wild and hangs down her back. She dances on top of a corpse, representing her mastery over ego and ignorance. MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY!


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MARCH 7, 2009 6:32AM

A 1,000 Stars (performance video with pole sex!)

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Dear All: I hope you enjoy this. This is the first time I have sung in public. I remembered this song from my early 60's youth. I got it on Itunes about a year ago and started singing along with it and thought, hey, I sound all right! When the unsurpassable Lonnie Lazar did a "Lonnie cam" song for Epriddy I got it in my head that I wanted to do the same thing for all of you, and my non OS friends as well. I just didn't know how I would do it.

Then about 2 months ago my friends Dhyanis and Aruna announced that they would have an 5 year anniversary show  on Feb 2 at their dance studio, World Dance Fitness in San Anselmo, CA and invited auditions. So I went and auditioned. My  feeling was that I wanted a heart felt rendition (to show all how much I really really care!) but Dhyanis told me that if I was going to just stand there wringing my hands it wouldn't work. They both like cabaret burlesque types of performances so I needed to comedy it up. I had a lot of trouble with that because of my mind set.  Aruna suggested some sort of head piece. So I got a star garland and fashioned it into a crown of sorts, a wacky one to be sure. Once I put it on it I got the internal permission to go ahead with the comedy aspect. A star was born. Dhyanis gave me a brief lesson on the pole, see if you can tell!!

For more photos from the show, go to http://activations.smugmug.com:80/gallery/7309119_GkgCm#P1-12 

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"A thousand stars in the sky ... "

Dang. I wish I still lived up in that neck of the woods.
It says the video is no longer available.
That was bloody wonderful!

The frosting on the cake for me was as you approached the pole you slipped straight into character,,, smooth! Everyone should be so lucky. I'm on tonight, this I'm gonna remember.


Dear All: I am going to contact Youtube and find out why this
is not available. Very sorry. I'll repost if possible.
Well, it's back up. I don't know what's going on, but I'm glad it is.
This is so fun!, you have such a zest for life, it's contagious
Dear All - I need to go to sleep soon...be back in about 7 hours!
Encore! Encore! You have way, way, way, more guts than I'll ever have! This was Hilarious. I'm not sure I've ever witnessed a more seductive pole dance in my life! Excellent!
I deeply love this whole thing.
Wow, you really did your thang dawg! (Randy Jackson impression!)
You are an entertainer! I would NEVER have the courage to get up and dance and sing in front of that many people. Play a horn, yes, but you can hide behind it. :-) And you're stationary! Kudos for the performance and your virginal first performance of the song.
Hey Dakini, very cool!

Watch out or Freaky will want that thousand-star tiara/hat...

I've done a little (amateur) performing and, wow, releasing the inner ham is great fun...
Good Job!!! Pole dancing and a gratuitous left leg. What a way to start my morning. : )
Wonderful! I love your sexy, throaty voice :)
Bravissima! Dakini, I'm honored to have played some small part in your ascent to the public stage. Great song, great singing, and an unforgettable headpiece. Esp love the flourish you used to don the glasses toward the end. More! More!
Tell you the truth I got up in a bad mood, decided to check my PMs and you popped up first. Got me totally out of my bad mood and now I'm ready to go for the day! Fun! Cute! Loved it. Takes a lot of nerve and YOU did just fine. I would like to hear that contralto voice of your doing one of those dusky cabaret ballad songs!

Two thumbs up!

Your voice sounds good, but the instrumentation is obscuring it. I think you need to turn down the volume on the band.
I've not seen such an enchanting performance since encountering Jenny Lind, "The Swedish Nightingale" at the Royal Swedish Opera! Utterly captivating my dear Mlle Dancer!
Crack me up! I particularly thought you teased the pole.
i was expecting a tentative performance - very little movement with an abundance of awkwardness - a frightened ingenue ..i was projecting me on you - HAW!

you belted out that song and absolutely OWNED that stage

terrific, wonderful

Wow Josie,
You are my Idol...and that pole thing is swoonful! Bravo!!
WOW! Freaky is going to be so impressed.
Dankini! . . .YOU are my girl! That was just awesome, you have a way with the stage, work it! :) This made my morning!

AnniT:I wish you were up here as well

Dean:I work my process in to my performance. Have a good gig!

Ariana:I feel a psychic connection to you...Thank you

Michael:I'm so glad you like it...you make me blush

Stella:It was a lot of fun-the audience was wonderful

Odetterroulette:Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Kind of Blue:One has to be an exhibitionist to be a performer

Myriad:Freaky will have to rip the crown from my you know what!

Seattle K8: Dhyanis told me to tease the audience, so that left leg
thing was my"consider yourself teased"

Lainey: Wow. Hubba hubba!

Lonnie: Mr Lazar, you are an inspiration to me!

Monte:I am so happy I could help your day

Chicago Guy:So glad you saw it

Professor:Yes, there were issues around the sound

Celestial Elf:Thank you for the "give up your day job" comment

Monsieur:I swoon at your comments. Thank the Goddess
my fainting couch is at hand

Susanne:I'm happy you came by. That poor pole!

Angus:the frightened ingenue did show up, I just had to
power past her!

Grif:your words make my day

T and D: Freaky impressed? I have arrived!

Lady Miko:Glad it made your morning-I hope you are
well, no morning you know what

Thank you all so much!
Did the pole write about you on the bathroom wall after it was all over....? Very fun! Congratulations!
Oh Cartouche! You are so terribly clevair! Great comment!
hoochee mama, that was great! Such fun. And you've got such a low sultry voice!
Looks like great fun had by all.
BBD - Thanks for your comments - hoochie mama yes!

m.a.h. That was just the best audience ever. I think the wine and
food they consumed helped things along. They were so friendly and supportive. Like a lot of folks here on OS.
That was a treat, and a turning point.
That was great. So glad you shared. Can you give us a closeup of the crowning glory?
You're an inspiration. Love that oldie but goodie, and you sang it well. And I want a pole.
Dang! I wasn't expecting that! You are an awesome lady.

PLEASE do more videos. I glanced at the comments, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one who'd throw roses at you feet.

Dynomyte: Thank you, it indeed was a turning point for me.

Lea: That pole was just the best prop. I'm glad you remember
the song, the version I used was by Billy Fury.

Mrs. Michaels:I hope to be posting some photos next week.
Perhaps I'll get my doggie to model the crown. Perhaps pigs
will fly.

Vonnia: I'd sure like to do some more videos. thank you!
Thanks for the tip - I would have missed this, probably, otherwise, this sultry serenade to some of my favorite objects - the stars in the skies. :-) Looked like a lot of fun!

Nicely dine, Ms. Dancer!
Dear pat-on-mars: The stars are dear to my heart as well.
I think that's what drew me to the song.
Oh, wow, Dancer! This was really fun to watch, and it looked like you were having fun, too.

Thanks for the leggy tease. You're one hot tamale!
Dakini! That was a sheer delight (including your stockings!) :)
Thank you Rich and Cat. As I said above, I was instructed to
tease, so tease I did.
Dusky, divine and downright delightful DakiniDancer! You are a bold and courageous lass. You twinkled and made me smile.
Moana, Steve. I'm glad you liked it. I aim to please.
LOVED IT! Especially the headdress & the glasses ... Excellent fun :) !!!
Video worked great for me. Very funny! You are multi-talented.
What a hoot! I don't know how I missed this when you first posted it. Frolicky and Trollopy! I loved it.
:D I love it- you are awesome Dakini!!