Santa Rosa, California, USA
April 30
(aka Josephine Elizabeth Ortez, Josie Ortez) I am 61 years young, a performance artist, writer and painter (oils) I live with my Dalmatian doggie 3 cats and 2 goldfish. I am happy despite my best efforts to the contrary. I am of Native American, Mexican, German, Irish English ethnicity. A DAKINI is a semi wrathful spirit woman from the Tibetan Buddhism tradition who manifests in dreams, visions and during meditation. She is the Goddess of Life's turning points, serving as instigator, inspirer, messenger and even trickster. She transmutes suffering into enlightened awareness. She is often depicted as a young naked figure in dancing pose often holding a skull cup of the Elixir of Life in one hand and a curved knife in the other. She may wear a garland of human skulls, her hair is wild and hangs down her back. She dances on top of a corpse, representing her mastery over ego and ignorance. MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY!


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MAY 11, 2009 8:05PM

Open Call: My Sketch of Duaneart

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Here 'tis!



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sketch to the feed!
OMG...you are GOOD! Thanks for joining in, I know he appreciates it. I appreciate it.

cute, dakini dancer. I like it.
Very good D.D.. I have zero talent at drawing.
Ratified , Spamified and Pit Bullified.
Thanks guys and thank the Goddess for erasers!
hey, this is great!! needs to be darker maybe but you capture that devilish twinkle in the eye and that grin. great job. love love love and gratitude.
thank you thank you thank you.

I don't know what else to say.
man, i'm not even the first copycat!

nice work! maybe we can get os to feature an entire cover of pictures of duaneart!
Very good. A strong likeness.
You got skillz, girl! Very nice.
very nice work DD! good on you for sketching the sketcher.
Thanks again. I'm not too sure it looks like him, but I
hope I did capture something besides the Zodiac killer! ;-)
Love the grin!
Dakini, this is beautiful! WOW.
I'll bet you can cook too!!!
That's not Duane. It's way too . . . kempt. (j/k Duane!) ;-)
wow! how cool Dakini!

are you going to put up a naked face picture of you?
You are a pretty good artist!!