Santa Rosa, California, USA
April 30
(aka Josephine Elizabeth Ortez, Josie Ortez) I am 61 years young, a performance artist, writer and painter (oils) I live with my Dalmatian doggie 3 cats and 2 goldfish. I am happy despite my best efforts to the contrary. I am of Native American, Mexican, German, Irish English ethnicity. A DAKINI is a semi wrathful spirit woman from the Tibetan Buddhism tradition who manifests in dreams, visions and during meditation. She is the Goddess of Life's turning points, serving as instigator, inspirer, messenger and even trickster. She transmutes suffering into enlightened awareness. She is often depicted as a young naked figure in dancing pose often holding a skull cup of the Elixir of Life in one hand and a curved knife in the other. She may wear a garland of human skulls, her hair is wild and hangs down her back. She dances on top of a corpse, representing her mastery over ego and ignorance. MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY!


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MAY 18, 2009 1:11AM

Nekkid Glory

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Please note Witches mark on breast. I earned it. 


Open Salon

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Isn't there an Art Film Director in the house??????
Dakini, eres muy linda!!! Very pretty woman, (I covet the bracelets and think the blouse is cool like you)
Did somebody call for an art film director?
i love this. you look like a goddess with your bracelets and necklace. thank you for this. i love seeing these photos of OSers. love love love
DD, you rock, but don't listen to montana's glib blandishments; his hot tub doesn't even work any more. on the other hand, my koi pond works just fine, and it's a warm spring night here, perfect for getting all pagan and hawt and stuff....
I'll make an art film with you!
Perfecta, Dakini :) Witches mark? nice!

Dakini, bellissima!
yay! awesome! lurrrrve the bangles and sparkles!
Yous wimmens are risque to beat the band. You rockin' my world, girl!
Ariana: when does the wonderful and supportive owl reveal

Trey: I'm ready for my close up Mr. Montana.

Theodora: I am honored always when you stop by. Thank you.

Cindy: I just love you so much. So glad to see who you truly are.
From now on I will only use correct punctuation. (as if)

Nana: A koi pond? Now that's interesting. The mind reels. Gladly.

Sirenita: Ok! Can I be on top?

Jimenace: That mark is my third nipple. It's there for beings
in other dimensions. Really.

Lonnie: Naked frisbee any time.

Bees: I aim to please

Rich: Thank you Mr. Hunk. Where's yours?

Michael: Yeah, well, you rock mine.
A good morning salute from TRIG!
I know what comes up in the morning Trig...thank you!
Dakini......what a great morning photo surprise!!
You are quite possibly the hippest woman on OS. Style, beauty and quite a singer/dancer. I'm in awe of you. :-)
Brava! and Beautiful - truly and in the most excellent way.
Gary, K of B, Owl.....you Three have so got my juices flowing
this am. Off to dance madly about. It's 5:45 am, over and out.
Have Some Madeira M'Dear....(on my blog)
Post inspired by DakiniDancer's gorgeous nakedity....
Thank you DD........
There is something very old school goddess about that picture....I like it a lot......

I have a witch's mark too....most excellent. Nice boobies.
I agree with JK.

Thou art the bravest and most beautiful of us all.

Where has that third nipple taken you? That's what I want to know.
Out cavorting with Satan, eh? ;)
Trey, in this case, I definitely think you should make an art film of Dakini! Oh Dakini...you are simply beautiful. xox
I'm saying yes to the art film too! Beautiful, gutsy lady you!
A wonderful self portrait. You are the embodiment of woman.
Dakini: contact Trey Montana! He is the art film director, according to Trey Montana.

But I'm concerned! What if this shows up when Trump picks you for Miss USA? It could ruin your chances for about five minutes!
just beautiful Dakini!! :D Look at you- goddess, I wish I was that at ease in my skin
Glory be... :) We all be nekkid underneath.
What a gorgeous photo. Love the way the necklace pours down between your breasts. I always think those long necklaces are so sexy... you wear it well. Altogether: you are luscious.
Nice boobies! :-) I love all the nakedness being posted, partly because I love seeing beautiful bodies, partly because I enjoy people unfettered by convention, and partly because it makes me feel better (safety in numbers, I guess).

Beautiful, but I didn't know what a witch's mark was. When I googled it, it said it is an "extra teat." Funny, I don't see a single teat in your photos, and we should see at least two, shouldn't we? :)
Come see the post I dedicated to you....You have hearts and 'heads' throbbing all over the place.........
A very beautiful photo, Dakini. You look amazing and so earthy!

Pawed for such an awesome woman, :)
A lovely, provocative photo. And wow, your breasts are higher than your navel, what an achievement right there! You go girl.
RonPo1: thank you once again and yes, yet another Madeira
for me!

JK: Your beauty sparkles through as well.

Persephone13: Old School Goddess-I like that!

Denese: The third nipple is for those in other dimensions-so
that's where I go with it...

Odetteroulette: You found me out

Robin: thank you dear one.

BuffyW: what a compliment. I could say the same about you.

Gracielou: Why don't you be in the Art Film too.

Zumalicious: it's the chance I take!

Hyblaean-Julie: Thanks for nagging me. I mean that.

Dynomye: We all should bare all

dcvdickens: I resisted doing this, then it just suddenly all
came together.

Dana: Aren't I cute? I didn't actually reveal anything!

LadyMiko: thank you lovely one.

SallySwift: I think my bone structure keeps my titties on
a fairly even course.
Awesome! You turn me on!!! Have a great day. Rated
Thank you Ralph. Stay safe on the road.
Suh-weeet Jesus, Dakini bikini!!! You so perdy!!!
Having a Cosmorita and toasting to you right now!!!
And I toast to your beauty as well Mz Cathy!
I'm an art film director and producer too!!!! Whoooo!! RATED!! :)
Yaay! Tink's gonna write AND direct! And produce, if you get
my drift, and I'm sure you do....
This is a message to Dakini Dancer's friends. I am her niece, we're close and we share the same birthday.
This blog is not the ideal venue for this news... her family is trying to locate her friends to inform them of her sudden, surprising departure from this life yesterday afternoon. We are especially trying to locate her long time dear friend Bonnie. There are no arrangements for a memorial yet, but we want to include her friends.
We're also trying to make arrangements for the care of her dog and 3 cats. They were like her family.
I'm so sorry to report this event in this way, but my uncle has been unable to find phone numbers.
This is horrible news, i am stunned please let us know details, an address so that we can send a card. My condolences for your loss. Josie was a very special and wonderful person.
thanks for letting us know this. and like ariana said, an address we could send cards or flowers to would be hugely appreciated. josie was loved by many people here and we'll miss her greatly.
My deepest condolences on the loss of a wonderful person. Josie was a warm and generous member of the OS community and her loss will be felt deeply. Your family are in my thoughts.
I am sorry for your loss, and would like the address, too. Can you tell us what happened? She was online just yesterday.
Oh my God. What a terrible shock this must be. I didn't know her well, but she was a fine, spiritual presence on this site. *hugs*
I'm so very sorry to hear this. My sympathies to you and the rest of her family.
I am so sorry for your loss. She was a truly wonderful person. A gift to all of us.
My thoughts are with you and the family. Josie is such a lovely person. I can't imagine anyone who gives more of herself. So much love in her. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
I am speechless.

And weeping.
I cannot even begin to express my deep sadness at the thought of Josie being gone. She had a playful spirit and a loving heart that she blessed me with many, many times here at OS and was one of my very favorite late-night correspondents. I will miss her terribly.
I am speechless. We had so much fun at the OS anniversary party. She was such a great spirit. Kerry is on vacation but I'll talk to Thomas and see what we can find out. Such sad sad news.
Deeply saddened by this news.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
She was much loved here.
Rest in Peace Dakini, you were always about love, i'll remember that.
Say it isn't so... How could such liveliness be gone so quickly...
This so sad. Your passion and spirit and playfulness were just so remarkable - and always a kind word wherever you went.
Oh my Dakini....oh no....
you're going to be really missed and i can't say how sorry i am to hear this.
Dakini - Blessings in your passage. Thank you for the gifts you left us through your insight, spirit, and love of this life. And feel free to haunt and inspire us all!
No words to express my sadness. A vital part of our OS family will be sorely missed...
My deepest sympathies to you and your family on the loss of such a bright spirit.
Great last post. Heavy sigh...You will be missed.
May you DakiniDance with a smile forever.
terrible news. the family is certainly in my prayers.

My most sincere condolences to you and the rest of your family.
You have so much kindness in you......thank you for sharing it...
We never know what tomorrow will bring... Rest in Peace Josie.
To your visions and your light, peace.
Admired your spirit. your playfulness, courage to be your self. will miss not seeing Dakini Dancer under everybody's posts. May your soul find contentment and peace in your next state too.
I am floored! Shock awe and disbelief. How did this happen?
Dakini, I did not know you well, but I wish I had. As a fellow human being, I am so sad to see you go.
I am remembering your post-- the post about finding your place in the sun....... And now you've gone back to the source. A thousand blessings on your family and your sweet loving spirit.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
We will miss you Dakini. In all Peace.

To her family- I am truly sorry for your loss. Thank you for thinking of us and letting us know. It was very kind of you, especially during your time of grief.
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...we loved her here and will miss her terribly.
Dakini - Wherever you are now, I hope that you're dancing like the Dance of the Thousand Hands about which you posted. I'll miss your daily presence but will take comfort in knowing that your spirit will never be far away. Thank you for sharing your beauty with all of us.
Judy, these are Josie's final words of encouragement and incredible kindness to me as our family faces tragedy and impending loss. You will surely find your beloved aunt in these now prophetic words. I hope you and your family Soul group find comfort too:
Dear Sally - I hope I don't get too much heat for this, but I think
your family soul group has a collective thing going on. For what
ever reason. You are supporting each other through it.
Deserving has nothing to do with it. I think people immediately
go to "why do I/she/we deserve this?" because we are conditioned to believe that. There has been an angry vengeful god influencing Humankind for 10,000 years, He says, "you do wrong, I punish you. You do right, you go to heaven." I simply don't buy it. I think your family Soul group is working together and facing physical issues together. I don't know why, your Soul does.
Many blessings and I send a shimmering Green Light of Health
your way.
May 20, 2009 05:07 PM
A good reminder to treat every post like it might be your last. This was a great way to go out.

Rest peacefully, Dakini.
Dakini was such a positive force. Every post I enjoyed on OS had a lovely comment from her. Uplifting and sweet but spicy too. She will be missed.
Dakini Dancer...Josie. I've cried for you....then realized I was crying for myself. I'll miss you. I'll strive to be like you.
Dakini, you beautiful spirit. We love you. Go with the light.
I'm in awe of her spirit and truly admire this soul. She was drinking fully of the Elixir of Life. I can only hope to be half the actualized soul she was. Namaste.
And now, nekkid again
like the child
carrying nothing but her smile
into eternity.
This is terrible news. I am very sad. Dakini was a wonderful spirit, shimmering on in our hearts.
Josie, I'm going to miss you so much. I will remember what I learned from you. Go in peace.
I'm a little stunned by the perfection of this portrait that turned out to be her last post. You cannot help but look at it and smile... To you, dear Josie, safe passing...I am sure you are shimmering in the light, sipping tea with the Dalai Lama on an astral plane somewhere, while we sit broken-hearted, fingers hovering over our keyboards, what to say? Hope you know how much you brought to this place, and how much I appreciated it. Bend a little light this way from time to time...we'll look for you...
From my witches mark to your witches mark: fly high sister!
Josie's bio says, May all beings be happy. And her last words on this post are, I earned it.

Indeed. What a performance artist she was!
To Dakini-niece - I suggest you keep all of the e-mails and comments from here and other places. When you all can stand to read them, they will make a wonderful remembrance of your Aunt. I learned this lesson when my brother died. The expressions of consolation and sympathy were a blessing to the whole family. What a lady she was!
Beautiful gracious divine full of life special woman. Gentle, sensual, grateful, loving, affirming. This is one loss that is hard to wrap your mind and heart around. You will be deeply missed.
Goodbye, ol' girl, and may you rest in peace. You will be missed by the many.
Blessings to the family of Josie Ortez, our DakiniDancer. I'll say my prayers for her safe passage. She was truly a brave and bright spirit.


this is your last personal message to me, on May 11,

Hi Laura - The Bhutan show closed yesterday ALAS
I live in Santa Rosa about a hour north of SF

I go into The City from time to time, we'll
hook up again some kind of way


Alas. I hope we do hook up again in some kind of way. And blessings to you too, sweet friend.
Damn it Death, I said, TAKE DICK CHENEY!!! Now you bring back Dakini right now!!! :(
I'm so pissed off at you for dying like this. Okay, I'm so pissed off at you for dying.

I was really counting on a lot more time to get to know you. What were you thinking?

I realize you're new up there (or wherever it is you are), but could you do us a few favors, if "they" allow for such things.

Hunger - Get rid of that please, for everyone.

Ignorance - Please eliminate it.

Mean People - Say buh-bye.
Thank you for your time with us.

Blessings upon you as you move forward into the unknown, now known to you.

Comfort to your familiy and friends, both near and far, for having known you, and hope for us all to meet again someday, somewhere.
I never know how to say the right thing in times like this. I hate to lose a wonderful free spirit like hers.
D.D. was a friend to me from the time she first joined. She always said the sweetest things to me and had many, many words of encouragement. I can tell by her words and the video she shot and played of herself dancing that she lived life to the fullest. I will miss her as I know Open Salon, her family and the world will. Some spirits are irreplaceable.
Impossible. How could, one random day, a life like this come to an end? At the very least, this post showered her with love - that is the only comfort we can have now.
You embody the spirit of love. You danced with your body as well as your heart. You smiled with your eyes as we read the words that flowed freely from you. You were a woman's woman (especially when we recently took on all those men) but more than this, you were a spinning top of love, orbiting and radiating that as you moved through the universe. We will miss you in body but will feel the vibration of you always.
Good thoughts and prayers for your family, Josie. You will always dance in our hearts.
Rock on, Dakini. What a wonderful photo to leave us with. Artist, through and through.

"She transmutes suffering into enlightened awareness."
I'm so sorry to hear this news. She was so helpful to me with great advice about helping my chronic pain. I'll miss her.
I am so sorry. This is shocking news. I enjoyed her posts. She always made heartfelt comments on my posts. All of us at OS will miss her. Your family is in my prayers.
May all beings be happy, Dakini says in her bio... Good bye Dakini, good bye beautiful Josie.
"She transmutes suffering into enlightened awareness"

Many thanks for the gifts you gave during your physical time with us, and for those you've yet to give as you live on in our collective memory and inspire those you've left behind.
I cannot tell you how much I will miss you, Josie. You were always a welcome breeze, a warm embrace, a good laugh, a gentle touch. You are family here, and will always be remembered by your OS sisters and brothers.

I wish you hadn't left so suddenly, but I hope that you are floating on currents of peace.

Namaste, Dakini Dancer.
Even in transience, your Beautiful Presence lingers.
Peace is with you, Dakini Dancer...
As, from what you leave behind...
it has always been.
Dear Niece of Dakini Dancer,

Please know we draw together to offer you the kindest possible solace and support during this time of your Aunt Josie's departure.


Josie, your spirit will always be remembered and your words will be missed.
To the family, always know her "cyber" family loved her and thank you for this difficult notice. Peace.
Thank you, Josie, for being you.
Dankini, you have blessed our lives in more ways than you will ever know.
FAB-YOU-LOUS! Thx for sharing urself with this community...I LUV IT, '61-yrs-young'...good 4 U, U go grrl! Here's hoping we all can wake from the dream of the ego's making...ahhh...deLuvDoc
Oh no! I didn't have internet access yesterday and just learned of her passing. She always had something nice to say, just really all around made Open Salon a better place for everyone. I will miss her. Peace be with her family at this time.
Josie, you'll be missed
blessed be, sister
I was just getting to know Josie better and the news of her passing shook me deeper than I ever could have imagined. What a kind and lively spirit that woman was. Her vessel may have past, but that spirit will never die.
Oh NO! Sweet soft soothing winds blow to your family, Dakini, you beautiful, gutsy woman, YOU!
::tears here for our loss::
Death is not the snuffing of a candle, but the turning down of a lamp because the dawn has come. (Rabindranath Tagore)

Dance in the Light, my dear. We miss you.
My deepest sympathies to you and your family...

Dakini Dancer was a source of light on this site.
I feel like I have nothing to add, because everyone's said what I would have: she was a wonderful, valued conversant here. My thoughts are with her family (and friends).
Dear DakiniDancer: Thank you for your blessings. May all your pilgrimages be forever fruitful.

What a wonderful way to say goodbye. Many blessings on your way out sister Dakini.

Om Shanti Shanti Om
Namaste and
don't forget to shake your maracas joyfully whereever you are gone to now girl!

XOX as always...
We'd only just met at the crossroads,
Only just met.

Dancer, amazon, artist, crone --

Merry met. Merry parted. We promised soon
To meet again.

So blithely promised...
I am sorry for your loss. Dakini Dancer will be truly missed.
DD, I've read you though I haven't been here long, so sad...praying for your family.
All said, what more can one say. You will be remembered with joy.
Loved reading her comments, she was so full of love and so feisty! She has left this realm much to early for my liking. I am so sorry for her family that she died so suddenly, and I am sorry for us, her OS friends, because we lost a wonderful addition.

My favorite Dakini post--go here to see our colorful character sing!

Dakini Sings!

I'd like to add my own kudos to the universe that had this be your last post, Dakini. Although you weren't exactly, ahem, the reserved type, still it makes me giggle to think of relatives coming here to see what old Aunt Josie has been up to these last several months of her life that made her so content. *OMG, Aunt Josie's been taking nekkid pictures of herself and showing them to the world!"* It's precisely what my freshman comp teacher, from a thousand years ago, called a "fabulous reality." Say hi to God for me.
Thanks for Favoriting me, and go in godspeed. You will be missed by many, but not forgotten.
Dakini, I wish I had taken the time to visit more with you. Your insight was always so deeply moving. I hope, wherever you are, you are dancing to the light of a billion stars. Namaste.
Thank you, to all of Dakini Dancer's online friends, for this outpouring of love. I've been off-line... busy getting Josie's pets taken care of and her affairs settled.

The Memorial Service: Josie dear friends in her dance troupe are planning the memorial service. I will keep you posted. It will be in a few weeks.

More info:: Even tho Josie collapsed in the pool at the gym, she did not drown. She was pulled out of 4' of water right away. The autopsy could not find a cause of death. Very strange.
My feeling is that she was ready to graduate. She dropped the body and just walked out. You go girl!

Good news: My daughter called me 2 days after Dakini Dancer's sudden departure. She said she had a message for me from Dakini Dancer: "Tell your mom to be happy for me. I'm everywhere." My daughter said that the feeling around her was "blissful!".

I believe and feel this to be a true message. I intend honor her request and be happy for her. Iencourage you to do the same. I'm sad for myself. But the weight of my grief was lightened.
To Lainey - Here's a really great thing about Dakini Dancer...her family is not surprised or shocked by her Nekkid Glory photo.
She never apologized for who she was. She didn't pretend to be something she wasn't. Even the more conserative family members (every family's got a couple of black sheep) respected her insistance on dancing to her own drummer without concern for public opinion.
What a great example! I miss her.
To Niece of Dakini,

Thank you for writing and keeping us informed. The final message from Dakini does make this all a bit more bearable. I am glad your daughter was able to hear that message.

Your aunt was a light in dark places, offering kind and spiritual words to many of us who needed it. She was a blessing on so many lives. Thank you.
-- RL
To niece................Thank you for being strong for the rest.......
It is very sad to lose somone who "made a difference". It is good to see the outpouring of condolences by Josie's friends and colleagues who all, including myself, have enjoyed her presence in our world. She left our world happy to have known her, read her, laughed and cried with her. She did master over ego and ignorance, and is still dancing away forever in our hearts. Peace to DakiniDancer and her family, and to us all...

James Daniels
Dakini Dancer,

I just learned that you have changed existences.
Thank you for The Love you showed me, and
my work. This poem is for you...

Your Beauty

Your beauty is so great,
it defies words on
a piece of paper.

A pen cannot capture
what my eyes have seen.

--Mikel K
I think about you every time I publish a post. I miss you.

Now that you are gone I tried to do what you did so well and hopefully a few got whiff of the dancer.............................
maybe it was you that scared those ducks up into the sky so that they would flap overhead at precisely the moment my friends were getting married, her red hair glowing in the sunset in a way that would have surely made you think, I can paint this, or dance it.
I was thinking about you today..
If I were to build an android to help me take over the world, it would look just like you. Oh, and it would be named...awesome.
Every once in a while we remember Dakini Dancer, and we are sad all over again. Thinking of you in the light, Josie!
~fatRocco and feralRusty
Sometimes I am drawn here, and I am always glad to see the latest comments. You were cool, Josie.
Thinking of you today.
You are missed.
I did not know DakiniDancer, but I see others are mourning her on the occasion of this first anniversary of her unexpected death. I know from the witness of my last few months here that she is loved and not forgotten and lives long in the memory of those who knew and cherished her here.
Brave Beautiful Rated
I feel she's dancing her way among the stars. She is truly missed and I'm grateful to see the tribute.
I wish I could've known you. But your dear friends here have become mine as well, and I know they all sorely miss you. I imagine you dancing like a shimmer on a still lake.
Has it been a year? :( Just the other day, I was looking through my old posts and seen her name, and I cried. Miss our beautiful dancer!!!!
hi dakini. just thinking of you. feeling grateful that I knew you. you're remembered....
Hey there, sister. Glad to know I can always say hi here. Love to you.
What's with the picture? I like the camera though!
but don't listen to montana's glib blandishments; his hot tub doesn't even work any more. on the other hand, my koi pond works just fine
mulberry alexa handbags
still miss ya woman. I hope it's good where you are.