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MARCH 11, 2008 12:38PM

Next Weekend: Echelon or Bust

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Next weekend will take me to visit friends in the strange and wondrous land known as South Jersey, apparently referred to as such because "Southern New Jersey" has too many syllables. One of the highlights of South Jersey (for me, anyway, but probably not for anyone else) is the Echelon Mall, which has recently been renamed the Voorhees Town Center and is undergoing some serious renovations. The last time I paid the Eche (pronounced "Esh") a visit last year, there were plenty of vacancies, few customers, a bird flying around inside the mall, and an odd assortment of remaining stores. Half of the mall was so unsuccessful that it had just been demolished, so there was a gigantic hole in the ground. Has anything changed? I'll find out and report back next week. For now, here is a picture of the Eche from my previous visit.

echelon mall

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Voorhees! Wasn't that Jason's name?
Well the Eche is a retail graveyard of sorts. It's being renamed Voorhees Town Center in honor of the town of Voorhees, where it's located. Unlike some other shopping centers being named "town centers," this one will at least include some on-site condos.
No - Jason's name is (was?) Voorheeves (she said, haughtily)