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MARCH 11, 2008 2:07PM

The Echelon Experience: A Recap

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Saturday's trip to the Echelon Mall happened to coincide with some terrible weather: the entire drive down was rainy and windy, and it took over two hours to get there. But as I drove toward the Eche, the clouds parted and the sun shone briefly yet benevolently upon its nifty new grand entranceway. Before going into the mall, I stopped by my friend's apartment across the street to gather up the crew so we could descend upon the Eche en masse, all nine of us. Let it not be said that I have not done my part to support Echelon's...erm, make that Voorhees Town Center's,  revival (though not all the signage has been converted yet).  

Due to the storm, the mall was being powered by a generator, which caused the lights to flicker occasionally (and added to the charm). Fortified by a meal of Boardwalk Fries from the food court, we were able to explore the scene. There were still lots of empty stores, but we did find signs of revitalization: the renovated floors and especially the new ceiling lamps looked good, and there is even a new Hallmark Store getting ready to open next month! The highlight of the trip was definitely the candy department at Boscov's department store. Purchases included choc-marshmallow fudge, choc-Amaretto fudge, and choc-covered pretzels. Vive la Eche!

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