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Dan Brekke
Editor, writer, journalist, student of history. Chicago native, long-time resident of Berkeley, California.


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JUNE 11, 2012 10:57AM

Journal of Self-Promotion: Water and Power

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A long, long time ago (sometime last fall), one of my fellow editors at KQED radio asked if I'd be interested in doing a story for a series on water and power in California. The series would look at the close relationship between water and energy in the state: on one California needs to move immense quantities of a very heavy substance over very long distances, and that requires a lot of power; and on the other, a lot of water is needed to help generate power.

To go back to last fall: Yes, I was interested. And today, a mere seven or eight months later, we have the first part of the series. If you wonder what I sound like climbing a steep hill with 60-some pounds on my back, it's a must-listen.

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