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SEPTEMBER 5, 2008 11:17AM

John McCain is Not an Honorable Man

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Why do millions of people think McCain is so honorable?  Is it because he keeps telling us that he is?  Are we just believing hype?  Let's review, from off the top of my head.

In the 1960s, by his own account, McCain stole, fought, used prostitutes and lied.  Youth, right?  Still, not honorable.

In the 1970's, he cheated on his wife, who had suffered a terrible disfiguring accident.  Then divorced her because she wasn't pretty anymore.  And then he married his current trophy one month after divorcing her.  No honor there.

In the 1980's, he was a principal in the Keating Five corruption scandal.  And then, McCain intervened on behalf of Charles Keating after Keating gave McCain at least $112,00 in contributions. In the mid-1980s, McCain made at least 9 trips on Keating's airplanes, and 3 of those were to Keating's luxurious retreat in the Bahamas. McCain's wife and father-in-law also were the largest investors (at $350,000) in a Keating shopping center; the Phoenix New Times called it a "sweetheart deal."  Not honorable.

In the 1990's, McCain was discovered to have Mafia ties.  In 1995, it was discovered that McCain celebrated the birthday with Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonano, the head of the New York Bonano crime family, who had retired to Arizona.  McCain and Bonano were also tied to another politician, Governor Fife Symington, who has since been kicked out of office and convicted of 7 felonies relating to fraud and extortion.  Not the acts or relationships of an honorable, "country first" American.

In the 2000's, McCain admitted in his book that his 2000 run for president was "pure ambition," and not for any "country first" reason.  Now he claims the Country first slogan and history and smears Obama as a selfish near-traitor.  Not honorable.

He said Chelsea Clinton was "so ugly" because her father was "Janet Reno."  Not honorable.

"Bomb, Bomb Iran" was not honorable.

During the primaries, in 2007 while speaking to Baptists in South Carolina, he suddenly claimed to have been Baptist and a member of the North Phoenix Baptist Church for 15 years, which was not only untrue but for thirty previous years he had claimed to be Episcopalian.  Not honorable.

And then there are a few other things, which taken together paint the picture of a man who is not honorable:

Non-candidate McCain was against torture.  Candidate McCain supports it.

McCain claims to shun lobbyists and special interests, but his campaign is full of lobbyists, including foreign agents who are trying to influence him.

Old McCain was for campaign finance reform.  New McCain is reported to be in violation of campaign finance laws.

Old McCain called evangelicals like Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwel "agents of intolerance," and shunned them.  New McCain cozies up to them.

McCain 9/29/02: “We’re not going to get into house-to-house fighting in Baghdad. We may have to take out buildings, but we’re not going to have a bloodletting of trading American bodies for Iraqi bodies.”  McCain: 1/4/07: "When I voted to support this war, I knew it was probably going to be long and hard and tough, and those that voted for it and thought that somehow it was going to be some kind of an easy task, then I’m sorry they were mistaken. Maybe they didn’t know what they were voting for."

Non-candidate McCain in 2006: 'I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations."  Candidate McCain i 2007: "I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned."

McCain 5/26/01: "I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us, at the expense of middle class Americans who most need tax relief."   But candidate McCain votes to extend Bush's tax cuts.

Non-candidate McCain says is against ethanol, saying it is nothing but an unworkable, pork barrell, money grab by special interests.  Candidate McCain says "I support ethanol and I think it is a vital, a vital alternative energy source not only because of our dependency on foreign oil but its greenhouse gas reduction effects."

On the confederate flag, McCain in South Carolina on 1/12/00: "Personally, I see the flag as symbol of heritage."  AFTER , McCain 4/19/00: "I feared that if I answered honestly, I could not win the South Carolina primary. So I chose to compromise my principles."

In 2001, McCain and Lieberman introduce a gun control bill in Congress.  In 2007, candidate McCain says, "I strongly support the Second Amendment and I believe the Second Amendment ought to be preserved, which means no gun control."

I could go on and on.  On virtually every issue, non-candidate McCain had a different position than candidate McCain.  On wiretapping, immigration reform, offshore drilling, Guantanamo, Social Security privatization, minimum wage and more, he says one thing before he started running for president and another while he is running for president.

Whether the truth was what he said before or what he is saying now, does not matter.  What matters is that these are not the actions of an honorable man.  And McCain hasn't just come lately to this dishonorable tendency, he has at least four decades of a history of dishonor.  This is not an honorable man.  And all that is cited above is just what I know about and doesn't even include the suspicious things, like the fact that he changed his position on offshore drilling within 24 hours of taking $1.6 million in campaign contributions from the oil industry.  Where there is smoke there is fire, my friends.  And there is a lot of smoke here.  Dishonorable smoke to go along with the actual fires reported above.

No doubt McCain was shot down and spent years as a POW in Vietnam.  But beyond that, he doesn't seem very honorable.  And there isn't even any evidence for a lot of the claims he makes about his time as a POW.  Even his fellow prisoners can't confirm major parts of his story.

This "honorable" and "country first" thing is just an image.  The real man is not so honorable.

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This entire campaign is laden with lies and hypocrisy. Thank you for taking the time to research some of the facts and sharing them with us.

God bless.
I knew there was a reason not to like the man, I just didn't know there were SO MANY!

Thanks much, mostly for your most recent post. I never might have found you otherwise.
Well, at least we can all agree that "Brutus is an honorable man".
not only has he shown dishonor frequently, he also whored himself to Bush. Now that Bush can no longer help his candidacy, he manages to give a 45 minute speech without once mentioning Bush's name.

Well, I guess that is just another way of dishonoring oneself.
Hello. Now I want to marry you!

Brilliant, brilliant post.
Wow! My first OS marriage proposal! And at least until the election, here in California I could accept.

But alas, I am already betrothed to the Lovely Lady T, whose only character flaw is that she hangs out with me. (I am graciously willing to overlook that, though.)

Leigh, I just checked out your . . . no, not that! . . . blog, and I love it. Another must-read!
I am SO blushing right now.

And I just sent a link to your post to pretty much everyone I know, calling it a "must read."

Watch. You'll be taking over the world soon enough.
Hi Dana:
It worked -- I found this post. You are right, and this all needed to be said...I am so tired of hearing that McCain is an honorable man. Nope, just not so...
Great post - I didn't know a lot of this, though I'm not particularly surprised.

I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of linking this entry in one of the political Salon Table Talk threads (White House folder).
Good list. My dishonorable Mac list also includes his adamant opposition to MLK Day for a number of years (I was in Phoenix then); in this case, he was AGAINST it, till many years later he was reluctantly not against it (he was never for it).

And for some side yuks, you might want to look at Cindy's family -- hey, we might as well go at 'em kit and caboodle, they're a package deal : Prohibition era bootleggers, mob-connected uncle who went to jail and indicted father who didn't...the list is a yard long. Face it, the McCains smell to high hell.

Btw, your Cover Girl strategy is working big time!

A very valuable catalog on John McCain's ever-changing narrative about himself. So many reasons not to have him in the White House. Plus, he's such an angry, hot-under the collar guy--not the kind of person one would want in charge of foreign relations and the military.
Up until the point where you break down the candidate McCain/real McCain--you've got the recipe for a personality-based-politics attack on the character.

My advice: take it and run with it.

The Democrats cannot be weak here and allow the Republicans to chew out Obama on personality issues. The 'candidate/non-candidate' McCain distinction only works so far...it's the beef before that, the ungracious personal bio you've given, what should give Democrats all the ammo they need.

Kerry sank in 2004 because of these tactics.

It's time to fight fire with fire.
Wow. Ok, add some citations and ask Joan to post it on the main site....please? This needs to be SPREAD and documented, big time.

- es.
Caveat Canem Croceum mentions the indictment of Cindy's father. He was actually convicted although for whatever reason the sentence was suspended. It makes me cringe when she holds him up as the epitome of the Anerican Dream (which I've already written about).
This is very much to the point and well said. Understandably, the Dems want to stay focused on Bushite failures and McCain's 90+% complicity with them, plus their own (mostly far too timid) proposals, so they go along with McC's "served his country honorably" BS. But that doesn't mean the netroots have to. One small thing: I don't think getting drunk or in punch-ups is necessarily dishonorable, though it's usually stupid.

Also, it's not particularly honorable to rain millions of tons of explosives from the sky on a poor developing nation that has been struggling for independence for centuries and to devastate its ecosystems with massive arson and toxic chemicals. John Kerry had the nerve to point this out in the wake of his (much braver) swift-boat service and to protest the war.

Our political system is deeply corrupt because our culture is, and our culture is because we live in a plutocracy. McCain is a symptom. So is Sarah Palin.
So let me get this straight, the Rove Religious Right are electrified by a once-philandering divorced Catholic, who has made no bones about his disdain of them, living off the wealth generated by alcohol distribution – the scourge of parents, teachers, and colleges -- and an evangelical Christian opposed to sex education with a pregnant teenager – the biggest fear of parents of daughters. The hypocrisy, especially of the screechy holier-than-thou right wing media, is astounding. The numbers of voters they continually sucker in even more so.
Caruso provided a pointer to this piece by Andrew Sullivan -- you beat him by at least five days! Take a bow -- you're good. And ain't this social networking great -- especially with the comments editor allowing hotlinks!