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Daniel Rigney
New Texas, USA
August 01
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In this writing workshop and citizen's blog I'm exploring various short forms, often from a satiric angle. My interests include politics, culture and the human comedy; old and new media; social theory and urban ethnography; the commercialization, corporatization and tabloidization of everything; sustainability; Unitarianism (UU); coffee; and writing (sorry, I mean providing content). Turtle stamp is from Tandy Leather. Interested in republishing a piece? Contact drigney3@gmail.com.


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JUNE 2, 2012 8:24PM

What Is a "Scottwalker"?

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By Daniel Rigney

My dictionary of the future defines a “scottwalker” as (1) a political figure, usually Republican, who represents the private interests of corporate giants, esp. two wealthy brothers from Kansas  (2) a political sock puppet of any party affiliation.

A “Palm Beach wedding” is a nuptial ceremony, such as the Coulter-Limbaugh wedding, held in a gated church.

To “trump” is to surpass or outdo, as in “Looks like he trumped himself again today in the clown-hair department.”

 A “two-party state” is a state dominated by two major and competing political parties, such as the Republican and Tea Parties in Texas.*

A “koch light” is (1) a multimillionaire whose wealth does not measure up to the wealth of the truly rich  (2) any relatively unsuccessful person. See also "koch zero."

In Internet slang, “g.o.p.” or “gop” is a common abbreviation for “greed over people.”  See "goposphere."

Antonym: "p.o.g," or "pog" ("people over greed"). See  "pogger," "pogging," and "pogosphere" (or "pogo-sphere").


*with a tip of the blogging cap to editorial cartoonist  Nick Anderson


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I love the "gop" abbreviation; it is so true. R
Thoth, your profile quotes one of my favorite Jeffersonisms. I notice you haven't posted much lately, but I'll be watching for your by-line. I want to read more of your word art!

This post is my tiny effort to help nudge Barrett past Walker in the Wisconsin recall vote on Tuesday, where my older son is in the trenches. This moment is surely a tipping point in American history, and not the last. Go Pog! STOP GOP!
So good. Thanks.
Thanks, Keiko. I spent 8 fine years in Austin and consider it to be the easternmost city in California.

onislandtime, hope your move goes well. Thanks!
Great brain twisters. Here's one: "to vote"=to follow what the ads tell you to do.
Pam, I'm afraid I've been guilty of voting that way just once or twice! Thanks.