APRIL 28, 2010 2:05PM

Three Sentences - Cartouche's Open Call

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          As yesterday morning’s breakfast bell sounded, my father, first sipping his wine, said “one day, if you’re game, by hook or by crook you’ll learn about sex”.

           Before today’s afternoon lunch was set, my second son (yes, I learned) voiced the line “two women gave me a present of this book about drugs.”

           Concluding tomorrow evening’s three course supper, I would light the candle, toss the match into the sink, er, ashtray, and console myself that in the final third of my life, at least the future of song had turned out to be rock ‘n roll.

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All I needed was Curly, Larry and Moe to get it even more contrived. And oh how I tried. The father and son are short one Holy Ghost, but he's supposed to be everywhere anyway, no?
Sounds like you had three square meals to me. Thanks for participating!
Thank you Ms Stern. I've read your articles too and they are gems.