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NOVEMBER 8, 2008 6:55PM

Sexiest Man. Simon Baker

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Sexiest Man. Simon Baker. When he smiles. When he broods.

My favorite shot is from Something New:


It's an under-rated film from Focus Features, btw, where he gets involved with a bright black woman, but she's embarrassed to go out with him because he's white, and working class, sorta (landscape architect--yum). The bottom pic below is also from the film.

Other angles. Eyes always intense:



He always looks so comfortable in his skin. His brain is working overtime, but he holds himself calmly, confident and physically serene.

He seems to be bright, too, and gets to play a mischievous, but psychically -wounded smartypants on the second-best new show, The Mentalist. (My post on why I like it and how I expected it to evolve.)

And he's Australian. I have a weakness for that accent.

More smiles, with dimples:



One more thing: I never ever focus on and barely even notice a man's hair, but Simon's is like the shimmering surface of a windswept lake: millions of tiny wavelets scattering in all directions, capturing tiny droplets of light. I could get lost in there.

Not so hot here, but what an adorable dad:


I want to raise kids with him.

What a shame that he's straight.


I added four other nominees (personal finalists) here: Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen,Ryan Kwanten and Rusty Joiner. 

Hugh and Simon were neck and neck for my prize, butI explain why I went for Simon thre, despite Hugh blowing him away below the neck. 

I'm also going to add a post on what constitutes "sexy" in my opinion. I"ll add the link once I do.

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I thought you liked the actor who portrays the brother in True Blood ;0)
We recently saw him in a pleasant, but not very memorable movie called Something New. I'd vote for him.
mmmm, the true blood guy. yeah, another aussie i'll have to look him up. i'm not sure whether i'll tire of him a bit, though. i've been swooning for simon for years.

and i'm thinking of nominating hugh jackman, too, if i can find some decent pix.
Dave, I must say that, especially in the top photo, Simon looks like ... you. Maybe the S.M.A. is really one of our own?!
Hahaha. Thanks, Lonnie. I've heard that before, but can't for the life of me see it.

About one out of ten people seem to think I'm a dead ringer, the other nine think they're crazy. I'm part of the nine, but thanking God for the one.

Maybe because I focus on his dimples so much, and I don't have them. Although, now that I look at those pix, they're none too prevalent. They come out when he smiles, and oddly, I only picked one of those. Hmmmmm.

Oh, I forgot to mention his hair. I'll go back. I want that hair! I'll explain in the post.
OK, I added some dimples, and a higher-res version of the top, pic.

I'm going to find the link to my post on The Mentalist, and add that, too. I forgot I wrote that.

OK, it's here:

Yeah, he's hot, no doubt. hair like "shimmering surface of a windswept lake" -- very nice; your career does not include star stalking, though, right?
Are you a narcissit Dave? Simon looks like you twin.
Yes Dave...it's true. YOU look a lot like Simon. This is a very good thing and now you and I both share something else in common (besides dirty dancing) and that is I think there is something incredibly appealing about this guy. I saw Something New about 10 times because I found him so appealing. And, not to get all gooey, his character in that movie reminded me of my very sexy husband who is a very sensitive man with a soft present sexy voice.
I see the attraction, but if I am going to be unfaithful to my husband, it's gotta be with Benicio del Toro, for that I get a free pass, otherwise, it's Dan the Man for me.

Love the way Simon Baker is playing the Mentalist. Really good.
Yes, I agree with you on this one, Dave! Simon is VERY hot and sexy. I first noticed him in "Something New" as well. I usually am not attracted to guys with blond hair (not sure why but just am not most of the time), but it's hard to deny the sexiness of Simon.
This is pretty interesting. I just went through the other noms, and I expected to like some a lot, some much less, and even find some downright unattractive. But I find almost NONE of them sexy, so far.

Taste sure varies on this.

Good thing, so we're not all after the same guys. Hahaha.
Nice choice. Let me know if you find a sexy man on the list by the time it's over. I have to say that I go for tall, dark, and handsome. The only light-haired guy who has ever floated my boat is Anthony Andrews in The Scarlet Pimpernel. I have a real weakness for double identify films and period pieces. Paws up.
Interesting about hair color. I tend a little away from blonds, and toward darker skin/hair, but it's not major factor for me either way.

Dimples are. Strong jaw, too. Eye color makes no difference to me, they just need to be piercing and preferably sparkling (I still don't know what causes that), and long, dark eyelashes are a major plus, especially prominent bottom ones.

I guess if I had to choose, I find blue eyes prettiest, but I prefer darker skin (cause I'm so white, I guess), and that trumps the eye color, so most of my hotties end up with darker eyes.

Now that you mention it, I've been going through a lengthy Latino phases, with maybe half my . . . (let's call them "dates") . . . for the last decade have been Latinos. Yet nobody on my list of finalists. Hmmmmm. I don't think there are that many Latino stars to choose from. Ricky Martin? Actually, I find him sexy as hell.
Definitely cute.

And I like all your other choices too, but I personally am torn between Benicio del Toro and Michael C. Hall.
oh, i'm terrible with names.

by Michael C. Hall, i was thinking Anthony Michael Hall. my reaction was, "What! Really?" hahaha.

still, MCH never did that much for me. it might have been because his character on Six Feet was so damn whiny--and he was always scrunching his face up. and i could never hang with someone with such a stick up his ass. as a tv character i found him very interesting, but i would flee him in real life.

personality rubs off on sexiness for me. a great personality doesn't make a guy hot for me, but a bad one completely undoes any physical attraction.
Am late in commenting but I couldn't resist. Simon Baker is too delicious for words! I don't usually go for blondes but I'll happily make an exception for him.

Even my (female) cat watches when he appears on screen. LOL