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June 03
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MARCH 12, 2011 10:36AM

In Tucson for the Book Festival today

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I landed in Tucson last night and man, it's summer here. What a nice time for a book festival. And I've only gotten to my hotel, but so far it's a very tranquil place. Such a different feel flying in from Manhattan.

I'm looking forward to a great day.

My panel this morning is 'Bringing Meaning out of Meaninglessness: How Literature Can Respond to the January 8th Shootings.' Roger Simon is the moderator, and lots of other great journos. It's 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Chemistry - Room 111. We'll all be signing books immediately after.

Tonight I'm also doing a Dart Society seminar to support local journalists who have been covering the tragedy. That should be really interesting, too. I hope coming out is helpful to them.

Thanks very much to Dart for sponsoring my trip, to make both events possible for me.

I will post more soon, and watch my facebook page for updates and pix. And I have so much to say about my wonderful week of high school visits about Columbine in Chicago and St. Louis last week.

(I signed a lease on a new place in Hell's Kitchen yesterday. It's been a frantic search. More on that soon, too.) .

And free Columbine Teacher's Guide here. And here is my Columbine Intro Video.

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Sounds like such a busy schedule! Hang in there Dave, and let me just give my vote of support to your efforts! I also salute your endurance! Can't wait to see the post on all this! Good luck and enjoy that warm weather.
You totally rock, Dave. Best wishes for a wonderful time there!