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June 03
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MARCH 14, 2011 4:00PM

My Lincoln Center apt open to sublet

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I'm officially moving. Signed a lease Friday on the way to the airport to head to Tucson.

More about that very soon, but first I thought I'd let you know that my current apartment near Lincoln Center (71st & West End) is open for re-subletting immediately.

It's been a great place. I just really wanted to get down to midtown, and a separate room to write in.

I don't normally hawk stuff on my blog, but Lisa, who I have rented from has been great and I've enjoyed the place, so if you know someone looking, I can vouch for it.

The craigslist post with more info is here, and you can email Lisa at lds616@hotmail.com .

The description:

Spacious Upper West Side One Bedroom

- 2 to 3 month sublet (potentially available for longer; negotiable move-in/out date)
- Fully Furnished
- Located: 2 blocks from 72nd St 1,2,3 trains; blocks from 72nd St B,C trains
- Large Bedroom with great light facing quiet tree-lined block; Walk-in Kitchen with Dishwasher; Spacious Living Room; Pre-War Elevator Bldg with Laundry and live-in Super; LOTS of Closet Space.
- Cable/DVR, Wireless Internet, Land-line and AC available upon subletter's request.
- Blocks from both Riverside and Central Parks.

71st Street at West End (google map) (yahoo map)

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