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June 03
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MAY 16, 2011 2:44PM

Tricking out a writer’s museum—about me

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This StackedUp.tv video was lots of fun. I did not expect the manservant to come up.

StackedUp is a great site. They create videos about books and authors that are actually fun to watch.
Here's the setup on mine: Anne Trubek wrote "A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses." She really liked Columbine, so she came to my sublet on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to curate its potential as a museum and potential shrine for my work.

That made me chuckle. But I was game:
It was fun imagining myself into that pantheon some day, and considering what people might find revealing in my junk.
Check out more of their videos on authors atStackedUp.tv. Wonderful place to discover authors.


FYI, we taped this in January, and I moved to my own place in Hell's Kitchen last month. None of the furniture there was mine, nor any of the stuff on the walls. But it was comfy, and a good place to get my feet wet living in NYC. I spent seven months there.

Here's a shot of my new place.

And way too much product in my hair, huh?

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I got the video embedded now. It failed at first.
Hilarious! Congrats (?)
thanks, vivian. i was really happy with how it turned out.

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